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Welcome to Take on Rules, a website dedicated primarily to Jeremy Friesen’s blog posts. The highlights the breadth and scope of Take on Rules.

Blog Posts

  1. Today I Learned about Difftastic

    Adding Another Tool for Code Review and Comparison

  2. Commit Messages Do Matter

    Responding to Those Who Say They Don’t

  3. On Ruby Keyword Args, Structs, Splat, and Double Splat Operators (Oh My!)

    Dissecting an Approach to Solving a Coding Challenge I Encountered in the Wild

  4. SQL Proof of Concept for Collating Different Article Feed Selection Criteria for

    Scratching Down Some Ideas to Share

  5. Responsible Monkey Patching of Ruby Methods

    Steps for Patching in a Responsible Manner

  6. That Time When the Only Test and Development Environment Was Production

    If You Can Habitualize One Thing as a Developer It Is Create Quick Feedback Loops

  7. Core Pirates of Drinax: Session 1

    A Letter of Marque from a Court Now Primed for Intrigue

  8. A Second Walk Through of Composing a SQL Query

    Showing my Work as I Query a Forem Instance

  9. Walk Through of Using Postgresql and Blazer to Generate a Cohort Report

    Step-wise Composing Larger Queries from Smaller Queries

  10. Redefining Ruby Instance Methods at Runtime

    Or With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility