Blog Roll

Below is a list of some of the blogs that I follow. Note: These are not live updated, but updated as I publish changes to my site.

Table 104: Blog Roll for Take on Rules
Published Site Post
The Manse Geniementals
GROGNARDIA Starfaring in Moves Magazine
Alex Schroeder: Diary New features for Gridmapper
DIY & Dragons Hit Points as Bullet Wounds
Bat in the Attic Another Harn Day: The City of Azadmere and Kingdom of Kaldor Hardcover Kickstarter.
Jeffs Gameblog steal this loot
Githyanki Diaspora Moons of Leviathan: Space Drugs
Alegis Downport Cepheus Journal #005 Now Available
Dungeons of Klang Night's Dark Terror Session Report: SACRIFICE! SACRIFICE!
brad j. murray crisis point
Throne of Salt The Lady of Fangs
Monsters and Manuals The Reasonable DM
Hack & Slash On time running out
Delta's D&D Hotspot Suloise Tomb Architecture
Necropraxis You Died
Wizard Thief Fighter Govern Nancy
Ludoverse Dialect Actual Play: A Linguistics Lesson in the Form of a Game
Olde School Wizardry Another Big Day for OSW
Manifest Zone: Exploring the World of Eberron Gnomes
Papers & Pencils Zine Quest: Errant
Plundergrounds Podcast 164 Revisiting Logic in Fantasy
James The Geek 354
Circle of Dar Janix MERP: Dawn of the Fourth Age Session 17
Twisted Cities The Improv List
Triple Suns 1d8 pools of the old Faith
The Setting to End All Settings Forgotten Realms: Old School Redux
The Goblinburg Notebook Temporary new home for the blog
Dreams of Mythic Fantasy James A. Smith, Jr. Memorial Video