Blog Roll

Below is a list of some of the blogs that I follow. Note: These are not live updated, but updated as I publish changes to my site.

Table 104: Blog Roll for Take on Rules
Published Site Post
Alex Schroeder: Diary Episode 32
DIY & Dragons Learning from Boardgames - Tokaido and Things to do on a Journey
Throne of Salt Practical Space Mapping
The Manse Magic Knight Armor Generator
Plundergrounds Podcast 150 The Beginning
Delta's D&D Hotspot Weather and Book of War 2E Units
brad j. murray structure then content
Manifest Zone: Exploring the World of Eberron Exploring Eberron
The Githyanki Diaspora Blades in the Twilight
Bat in the Attic Random OD&D Treasure Types and Unguarded Treasure
Ludoverse Ludoverse Lab: Ryan Windeknecht's World of Professionals Teaches How to Think Ethically
Hack & Slash On Islands III
Wizard Thief Fighter Very Promotional: UVG Softcovers, Reflecting on Ennies, Future Projects
Jeffs Gameblog much ado about LotFP
Necropraxis Missing Manuals
Papers & Pencils Two Week Megadungeon
Circle of Dar Janix MERP: Dawn of the Fourth Age Session 8
Dungeons of Klang Return of Klang - Session Report 6/14 - That Time Xylarthen Joined the Team and the Decided to Enslave a Dragon
Olde School Wizardry The Art of Olde School Wizardry VII
Triple Suns 1d8 pools of the old Faith
The Setting to End All Settings Forgotten Realms: Old School Redux
Twisted Cities 20in2020 Game Design Challenge
The Goblinburg Notebook Temporary new home for the blog
Dreams of Mythic Fantasy James A. Smith, Jr. Memorial Video