Blog Roll

Below is a list of some of the blogs that I follow. Note: These are not live updated, but updated as I publish changes to my site.

Table 104: Blog Roll for Take on Rules
Published Site Post
The Manse [ToM] Avalanche Pass
GROGNARDIA Robert E. Howard, Escape Artist
Alegis Downport Mongoose and the Future of Cepheus Engine
Alex Schroeder: Diary Why do I keep writing short games?
Bat in the Attic The new OGL 1.2, What is Victory?
Monsters and Manuals On Yoon-Suin Adventure Sites
Circle of Dar Janix Traveller: Session 10
Necropraxis The Blade Itself
Throne of Salt Dan Reviews Conlangs
Hack & Slash On the Sunless Citadel Stroll
Wizard Thief Fighter Roleplay Is Folk Art
DIY & dragons Roadside Picnic Basket Book Club - 2 - Blindsight
Papers & Pencils D&D Christmas Carols: Hark! I Am a Hireling
The Setting to End All Settings I asked an AI to create a D&D setting for me
Delta's D&D Hotspot The Science of Slime-Splitting
Manifest Zone: Exploring the World of Eberron Drow
Dungeons of Klang Dungeon Meshi for Dungeons and Dragons: Ape to Bear
Ludoverse Dialect Actual Play: A Linguistics Lesson in the Form of a Game
Olde School Wizardry Another Big Day for OSW
Plundergrounds Podcast 164 Revisiting Logic in Fantasy
Twisted Cities The Improv List
Triple Suns 1d8 pools of the old Faith
The Goblinburg Notebook Temporary new home for the blog
Dreams of Mythic Fantasy James A. Smith, Jr. Memorial Video