I am typically participating in at least one active campaign.

Current Campaigns

DCC Better World Gaming

I’m running a once a week (or so), Dungeon Crawl Classics game at Better World Books – Goshen. This is a drop-in/drop-out style game – acknowledging that scheduling is hard.

I’m posting session reports and guidance.

Previous Campaigns

Burning Sanctuary

I’m getting another Burning Wheel campaign started. The general concept is:

Three days ago, you declared sanctuary at Shrewsbury Abbey. Per the law of the land, you have 40 days to either confess your sins or abjure the realm. You have surrendered your possessions. Per the charter of Shrewsbury Abbey, you are free to move about the abbey’s holdings; a few fields for sheep.

Yesterday, King Stephen hanged over 100 knights that had defended Shrewsbury. But the castellan of Shrewsbury, Willian FitzAlan, managed to escape and join in rebellion.

It is September 1st, 1138 A.D.

The Butcher, the Baker, and the Candlestick Maker

We decided to start this campaign with a schtick – one of us would be a baker, another a butcher, and wait for it…a candle stick maker.  This campaign a homebrew run by Joe using the Burning Wheel Gold system.  I am actively am writing session reports with player side observations.

Burning Bloodstone

The H-Series is one of my holy grails of campaigns, and am writing session reports as well as general thoughts – note: this contains a mix of session reports.  In this iteration, I am GM-ing and using Luke Crane’s fabulous Burning Wheel Gold.

I have previously run it in D&D 3E as well as played two iterations in AD&D 2E.  In most cases, the campaign has ended in total party kills.

The Precious Few

We stepped out of our typical fantasy genre, and embraced the sci-fi and Fate-mechanics of Diaspora.   The sessions were a blast and the change of system was an excellent growth point for our group.

Burning Grain

My first attempt at a Burning Wheel (Revised) campaign.  It started with a version of Trouble in Hochen, but after four sessions, it was set aside.  I don’t know if I piled on too many complications or if we needed to test the waters.  Take a look at some of my raw session notes.

Scales Of War

Starting at 1st level, when the Barbarian was in “pre-release” we began the Scales of War adventure path.  After two-and-a-half years we had made it to 18th level and called it quits.  If you want to grind through some good 4E combats, take a look at this.

The Brothers

A D&D 3E campaign in which several of us played siblings – a half-orc, human, and half-elf. Our family tree was complicated and created several exciting role-playing situations.

Dragon Mountain

We ran this using D&D 2E then switched to Rolemaster.  The kobolds were simply too much for the heroes.

The Night Below

A wonderful box-set campaign.  We completed Book I of the 3 book series.  I would highly recommend the first book as a sandbox setting.

The Red Hand of Doom

This is the definitive 3E campaign.  The designer, Richard Baker, knows his stuff, and wrote an excellent adventure that is right in the sweet spot of D&D levels.  I only wish 2 of the five players wouldn’t have moved away.

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