Goshen Game Day 2013

I am proud to be coordinating and facilitating the first Goshen Game Day on January 26th, 2013 at the Ballroom in downtown Goshen, Indiana from 9:30 AM to 11 PM.

Join area table top gamers for a day of board games, card games, and role-playing games.

I have posted a Facebook event to keep track of who’s going. But don’t worry, if you aren’t  on Facebook, or don’t want to announce your intentions to anyone else, please let me know if you are planning to attend.

There is a $5 cover for each person.

Table of Contents

Schedule and Format

Open Gaming begins at 9:30am and runs until around 11pm. Some board games and card games will be provided from my personal collection, but I’m hoping others will bring theirs as well. For Open Gaming, you don’t need to RSVP, but a rough head count would be helpful.

Running concurrently with the Open Gaming will be Scheduled Events run by volunteers. The scheduled games presently include Dungeon WorldMarvel Heroic Role Playing GameDresden Files RPG, with other games being added.

I am looking for Game Masters to run one or two 4 hour RPG sessions. I have a few who have agreed to run, and a list of people to contact. But if you are interested in running a game or two, please let me know. Warning: You should be passionate and excited to run the game.

And if you do run an RPG, you’ll get an RPG book, graciously provided by Goshen Game Day’s sponsors, as a thank you.

What To Bring

This is an all day event, but you are free to duck in and out as needs be. Aside from $5 for the entry fee and an eagerness to play games, consider bringing the following:

  • $6 to purchase re-rolls for the day
  • Some polyhedral dice for your role-playing games
  • A boardgame or two that you would like to play
  • A deck or two of Magic the Gathering
  • Games that you might wish to sell or trade

Game Library

I’m hoping that there will be lots of people at the game day. And lots of games! But with lots of people comes a responsibility for managing the physical game copies. We will be providing a checkout service for games.

You can checkout a game from the Game Library by handing over your Driver’s License to the game librarian (i.e. my trusted and lovely partner). This ensures that you have an incentive to return the game, which means game owners should feel more comfortable bringing their games to share.

RPG and Game Schedule

Aside from the Open Gaming, I’m coordinating GMs and scheduled RPG sessions. Here is the very tentative schedule. Presently, I’ve made guesses about the number of players. If we don’t get enough interested in a scheduled slot, there will need to be some shuffling. I’ll coordinate this with GMs going forward.

In most cases, you won’t need to have a character, nor know how to play. Just bring your game face.

Current reservations for the scheduled RPGs.

9:30 AM Slot

Open Gaming. If people are interested, we may be able to setup slots for gaming.

Table 19: 9:30 AM Slots for Open Gaming by Game, Type, Facilitator, and Seats
Game Type Facilitator # of Available
Crokinole Boardgame Greg Sommers 3 of 6
City of Horror Boardgame Nolan Brubaker 5 of 6
Pandemic Boardgame Benjamin Grossman 3 of 4
Legendary Boardgame Brendan Born 3 of 5
Betrayal at the House on the Hill Boardgame Sean O’Shea 5 of 6

12:15 PM Slot

Break for Lunch

1:30 PM Slot

Table 20: 1:30 PM Slots for Open Gaming by Game, Type, Facilitator, and Seats
Game Type Facilitator # OF AVAILABLE
Pathfinder* RPG Sean O’Shea 0 of 6 (Full)
Dungeon World RPG Jeremy Friesen 0 of 6 (Full)
Marvel Heroic RPG RPG Nick Garcia 0 of 4
Microscope RPG David Morford 2 of 4
Dungeons and Dragons: Fifth Edition Playtest (D&D Next 📖) RPG Joe Ingold 3 of 4
Star Trek HeroClix** Board John Loftus 12 of 12
Seven Wonders Board Joel Dueck 3 of 4+
Rogue Soldier (Prototype) Board Richard Aguirre 3 of 4+

* – This will be a Pathfinder Society game. If you are a PFS member, bring your character sheet. If not, no worries, Sean will provide pre-made characters.

** – This would be a tournament. We are trying to get a limited edition figurine for the tournament winner, but no promises.

5:30 PM Slot

Break for Supper

7:00 PM Slot

Table 21: 7:00 PM Slots for Open Gaming by Game, Type, Facilitator, and Seats
Game Type Facilitator # OF AVAILABLE
Apocalypse World RPG Travis Scott 2 of 4
Fiasco RPG Jacob Kemery 2 of 4
Call of Cthulhu RPG Steve Sigety 2 of 4
Eclipse Phase RPG Derek Stoeling 4 of 4
D&D Next RPG Joe Ingold 0 of 4 (Full)
Cosmic Encounter Board Richard Aguirre 3 of 4 (or 5)
Fresco Board Joel Dueck 2 of 4

Rules of the Game Day

Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. And Wheaton’s Law is in effect, though I’m looking to Nerd NYC and John Stavropoulous for additional guidance.

Sponsors from Near

These sponsors have graciously offered to contribute to support the first Goshen Game Day:

Link to Goshen Game Day map.

Interested in being a sponsor? Feel free to contact me.

Sponsors from Far

These sponsors have kindly contributed published material to support the first Goshen Game Day, some physical books and some PDF vouchers:

VSCA – creators of:

  • Diaspora – winner of the 2010 Ennie Award for Best Rules
  • Hollowpoint – the 2012 Ennie Award nominee for best rules, best game, and product of the year.

Magpie Games – creators of:

Bully Pulpit Games – creators of:

Evil Hat Productions – creators of:

Margaret Weis Productions – creators of:

  • Marvel Heroic RPG – Winner of the 2012 Ennie Gold Award for Best Rules, Silver Award for Product of the Year and Best Game
  • Smallville RPG – Every hero has a beginning…
  • Leverage RPG – The rich and powerful, they take what they want. You steal it back.

Paizo Publishing – creators of the Pathfinder Role-Playing System, a stalwart of the Fantasy RPG community.

Sage Kobold Productions – creator of the fantastic Dungeon World system.

Interested in contributing published material? Feel free to contact me.

Giving Back to the Community

As part of the Goshen Game Day, you will also be able to purchase re-roll tokens for $1 a piece. Throughout the day, you may cash in a token to re-roll one of your dice rolls; Limit 2 tokens spent per player per game session.

All of the money collected for the re-roll tokens will be donated to The Window, Inc “a non-profit organization, provides services to meet essential needs of anyone with limited income. These services are available to people without regard to race, color, creed, sex, age, religion.”

Note: In case of sanctioned events, this will likely not be applicable.

An Unfortunate Detail

The facility is on the 3rd floor with no elevator access, so those with limited mobility will unfortunately be excluded. If you were hoping to come and this prevents you from coming, please let me know.