The Metadata page links to different views into Take on Rules; A list of external links, licenses, quotes, series, tables, tags, and updates.

In running my own blogging platform, I have numerous ways of looking at my content. For more information, take a look at my Blogging Engine series. That series goes into the details of how I build this site. As an exercise in programming, I have created several different views into my content.

Views into the Site

Changelog: An account of system, functional, and stylistic changes. Not to be confused with Updates.

External Links: A collection of the external links and pages with those links.

Glossary: definition and details of abbreviations used throughout the site.

Licenses: For most blog posts I assign a license for the content.

Posts by Year: For a count of posts each year.

Quotes: A list of attributed quotes on this site, and links to the corresponding blog post.

Series: Some blog posts are part of a series (e.g. Let’s Read Stars without Number).

Tables: A table enumerating all of the tables on this site. On this page I link to all of the tables. I have uniquely numbered each table, and ensured you can link directly to those tables. For example: is a redirecting URL that will take you to Table 1: Initial starting positions on the Diaspora: The Precious Few, Session #2 blog post.

Tags: See the tags that I applied to each post.

Updates: A table of all of the updates that I have made to blog posts.