The following changelog reflects system, functional, and stylistic updates. You can find content updates as part of the Metadata Updates or as new blog posts.

Adjusting CSS for smaller screens to increase spacing between links.
Reworking semantic markup: Moving breadcrumbs outside of article tag; Changing metadata and related posts from an aside tag to a footer > nav
Removed footer links for RSS and Email. Those are in About and Contact Me. The graphic fonts did not render well.
Adding mousetrap.js to add hot keys: ctrl+s toggles stylesheets, ctrl+p goes to previous section (if on exists), ctrl+n goes to next section (if one exists), ctrl+0 goes to the home page, ctrl+1 goes to the second menu item (About), ctrl+2 to third (Contact Me), etc.
Adjusting rendering order of navigation and article H1 tags.
Favoring the <ins> tag for margin and side notes. This creates a more satisfying behavior when stylesheets are disabled.
Removing toggle-ability of sidenotes. The HTML requires an input element, which looked odd in RSS feeds.
Adjusting semantic markup of the site.
Minor semantic changes to the HTML; In reviewing the semantics they are not quite right.
Changing the marginnote to be an <aside> element. The Marginnote already rendered within a p-tag, which was a display block element. In using an aside, I can remove an extra <span> element and use a more semantically correct element.
Continued work to compress the CSS and remove extraneous declarations.
Moving Changelog from top-level page to a page under Metadata.
Adding rake social:to_mastodon task to help syndicate content to Mastodon.
Removing Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.
Adding closing parenthesis “)” to sidenotes.
Established Changelog, and began backfilling.
Removing Google Form previously used for contacting me. Just email me at
Tidied up HTML markup for Metadata external links
Adding audit task to look for images without ALT tags; At present this audit logs warnings.
Adding audit task to look for unexpanded strikethrough.
Loading CSS inline, instead of as a linked resource. While each page now has a larger size, this reduces the number of HTTP requests per page load.
Removing custom font in favor of Times, Courier, and Ariel. This saves approximately 200 KB on uncached requests.
Modifying exporter to also export posts to Reddit markdown format. See rake -T for details.
Adding “Into the Unknown” and “The Markdown SRD5” to Open Game License for site.
Adding color to code section rendering.
Cleaning up code CSS to better handle first line of code.
Amending audit scripts to address frequent false positives regarding unexpanded markdown directives.
Creating content exporter to export posts to BoardGameGeek forum format. See rake -T for details.
Adding Lunr.js as site-wide search leveraging’s index.json page.
Switch site build from Jekyll.rb to Hugo.
Launch of new blog (see announcement)