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Let’s Read “Stars without Number” - Starships I wrote a post Playstorming a “Stars without Number” Space Combat. On that page you can see the Space Combat in action.
Irv the Mole Irv’s player passed away three years ago, and I would love to have back the contents of that note tube. Just for one more reading with my old high school gaming group.
Let’s Read “Stars without Number” - Starships I wrote a post Playstorming a “Stars without Number” Space Combat - Take 2. I built on the previous playstorm, but instead chose for the PC’s spaceship to return fire.
Medieval Demographics Made Easy I also found “Gaming Ballistic” as a host of Medieval Demographics Made Easy
Medieval Demographics Made Easy S John Ross sent me v1.10, I’ve updated the file.
Medieval Demographics Made Easy I also found “The Borderlands” as a host of Medieval Demographics Made Easy
Medieval Demographics Made Easy “Damn Elf Press” is hosting Medieval Demographics Made Easy
Life During a Wartime - Random Village Generator I need to dig up the expanded table I have for this. The 3d6 results are boring. I’d rather have d8+d12 range.
Divorce - A Personal Experience A few weeks ago I had coffee with my now 18 year old daughter. For the past 3 or 4 years she’s been living with her mom. During our coffee, we talked through a lot of things. Deep revelations and dreams. At one point she said something like “I don’t have these kind of conversations with mom.” Immediately, my heart swelled. I had a real and deep connection with my daughter; the one who had chose to live with her mom full-time. My eyes welled with tears.
Divorce - A Personal Experience I wish even this were true. I see them perhaps an hour every other week.
Divorce - A Personal Experience My oldest daugher is gearing up for college; looking towards Spanish and ASL. My youngest daughter has been active in marching band. She decided the winter of 8th grade to learn French Horn and Mellophone. Two years later, she was lead of her section in the 200+ person marching band.
Divorce - A Personal Experience My son graduates from college this year. It sounds like he’ll spend a year working, then look to voluntary service and perhaps grad school. He went from a student that failed to turn in homework, to one that took Organic Chemistry II as an elective, and earned the second highest grade.
Divorce - A Personal Experience She’s a successful small business owner, growing the Soapy Gnome into a treasured business of downtown Goshen Indiana.
Features of Burning Wheel That I Enjoy(ed?) As I’ve run more 5E, I’m less excited about the Helping mechanic; In part because I’ve found success without help to favor the players. Adding help further exacerbates this. I find myself interested in adding complications, but the pass/fail mindset of D&D weighs against this.
Burning Sanctuary - Session 1 Having listened to the Sunday Skyper’s Burning Beards podcast, I see that they track beliefs in a forum. I think in the future, I’d track BITs using a shared Google Doc. Giving direct access to everyone. I also think it is important each and everytime to review beliefs and craft them at the start of the session to get a sense of where people want to go.
Burning Sanctuary - Session 1 I think I should’ve made a linked test. First Inconspicuous, then Circles. Failure for Inconspicuous would mean that you are escorted Brother Michael, and the Circles would then inform his disposition.
Burning Sanctuary - Session 1 In future first sessions, I would encourage everyone to write a belief that points to the player character to their left.
World of Dungeons by John Harper World of Dungeons is now available for legal download at
Playstorming Embarkation Tweaks in Adventures in Middle-earth I posted this to Reddit, and there have been some great comments.
V is for Versions Seven years later, and we are 4 years into D&D 5E. A few months after the 5E launch I wrote about the then 400 pound guerilla waking up. Today, Dungeons & Dragons 5E is wildly popular, driven by access to a tremendous well of content: actual play podcasts,, blogs, Twitch streams, etc. In D&D’s abdication during 4th Edition, a well spring of creativity emerged. With 5E, we witnessed a return of Wizards of the Coast using the lingua franca of the gaming industry; the framework of 3E, updated and also released under the Open Game License.
Medieval Demographics Made Easy “Follow Me and Die” is hosting Medieval Demographics Made Easy
Marching through the Sandbox Aaron Griffin pointed me to his What is a Sandbox? post from 2018-11-09. I concur with his tl;dr—a sandbox is a game where play is driven by characters with strong goals, as opposed to a game driven by an overarching story.
Dreams of Adventure: Classes Originally, this had an additional tag but upon reading Luka Rejec’s A Bad Turn of Words: Fantasy Heartbreaker, I’m expunging that tag. Thank you Luka for writing your piece. Your voice in the RPG seen is valued, and I’m glad to support your RPG efforts. Way more than academically veiled “bad-wrong-fun” essays.
“Ode to a Nightengale” by John Keats Reading the poem again, I feel the pull of words that rest at the boundaries life and death: aches, numbness, drowsy, pains, hemlock, dull, drains, sunk, shadows, leave, unseen, viewless, dull, night, glooms, embalmed, darkness, fading, flies, eves, darkling, death, quiet, pain, soul, vain, requiem, death, sad, sick, tears, perilous, forlorn, toll, fades, buried, dream, fled.
Index of Allowed Classes, Races, Cultures, and Backgrounds I posted a follow-up The How and the Why of Indices of Game Crunch.
Situation Mining: It Begins in Graywall I learned about “Backdrop Graywall” by Keith Baker in Dragon Magazine #368; I suppose I have more reading to do. In any campaign, I do not consider any written material canon until we bring it to the table.
Irv the Mole I sent a response to Judd for episode 21 of Daydreaming about Dragons. You can hear Judd’s response to my email in Reply Show Sierra.
Playstorming a “Stars without Number” Space Combat I have added a second in the series. By the rules, to get a +3 skill bonus, your character must be at least 6th level. The crew of the Waukeen are skilled and competent.
Preparing a Short-Term “Stars without Number” Campaign I ran a few sessions in a new campaign.
Exposing More Metadata for Take on Rules I went ahead and added the redirects for each table. Following the pattern: /tables/:table_number, you can now link to that directly.
Welcome to My New Take on Rules I have also started using the DataTables jQuery plugin for my Metadata pages. The tables will work just fine without javascript. With javascript you get some lovely search and sort behavior.
Welcome to My New Take on Rules I have switched to using Hugo for my blogging engine. While not proficient in Go, I appreciate the almost one-hundred fold speed increase in my website build times.
Once More Into the “Tomb of Annihilation” I forgot to mention that they also teamed up with a dao and briefly with a gray slaad.
Assassin Lifepaths for Burning Wheel I did some refactoring of the lifepath code, and brought this post inline with that change. As I look at the lifepaths, they achieve a goal of creating an adversary for a Dungeons and Dragons game. They do not, however, provide a nuanced path nor insight into the person that becomes the Grandfather of Assassins.
Burning Wheel Lifepaths Inspired by Warhammer Fantasy I did some reworking of the underlying processing for tables. An astute reader may notice that I have added an indicator to the source of the classes. Under the hoods, I have loaded the Burning Wheel Gold lifepaths and Burning Wheel Codex lifepaths. Those, however, are for my personal use. I will not make them public. If you are interested, consider exploring the Charred Character Burner App.
Burning Warforged - A New Stock and Lifepaths for Burning Wheel What follows is incomplete, penciled in, and all around untested. I posted to /r/burningwheel and we’ve had some discussion.
Playstorming a Burning Wheel Fight using Twilight in the Duchy Verdorben stat blocks And thank you Burning Luke for pointing out that I had mispelled Duchy as Ducky.
Playstorming a Burning Wheel Fight using Twilight in the Duchy Verdorben stat blocks For those looking for other Fight like playthroughs, I do have an old session report that eschewed fight for declared actions and speed tests.
Playstorming a Burning Wheel Fight using Twilight in the Duchy Verdorben stat blocks Playstorming is a misnomer. This is a solo playthrough.
Playstorming a Burning Wheel Fight using Twilight in the Duchy Verdorben stat blocks Based on Reddit conversation, I adjusted the positional advantage language. Instead of giving successes to the one with positional advantage, they effectively subtract successes from the one with positional disadvantage.
Misspent Youth by Robert Bohl You can get an updated version of Misspent Youth at DriveThruRPG.
“Five Torches Deep” by Sigil Stone Publishing Upon reflection, and feedback on reddit, the post is missing a “review.” My overall impression of the game is that for me to use it, I’d need to write up some clarifications, and look to some modifications (namely about character identity). I would consider this to be a top candidate for packing in a hiking backpack where weight matters; It’s compact and I wouldn’t hesitate to run nor play it. (I’d say the same for Whitehack).
“Five Torches Deep” by Sigil Stone Publishing You can find another review at Mythlands of Erce.
5th Edition House Rules: Modified Injury and Recovery I wrote a modification to these rules, refining the procedures.
Keeping the RSS Fires Burning Switched URL of to
In Response to “I'm Bowing Out” - Hack & Slash Switched URL of to
My Blogging Engine Switched URL of to
Precognitive Prep - A Divination Spell for 5th Edition Based on Reddit feedback, I’m rethinking the above spell as a feat (see below).
5th Edition House Rules: Modified Injury and Recovery I consider the rules on Dropping to 0 Hit Points, Knocking a Creature Out, Resting, and Conditions deprecated as they are less elegant than the refined procedures. The Magical Healing and Hit Dice as well as Lay on Hands are still relevant.
5th Edition House Rules: Modified Injury and Recovery - Take 2 Based on feedback on Reddit, I made a few updates and clarificatoins. First, I removed the death save language. Second, I removed the exact requirements of getting healing in short-rest (though those will likely continue). Third, I added some reference on time for each type of rest. And fourth, I introduced an alternate exhaustion table.
“Five Torches Deep” by Sigil Stone Publishing You can find another review at Cannibal Halfling Gaming.
Blades in the Dark by John Harper Updating to include references to more Forged in the Dark games: Scum and Villainy and Band of Blades. Both of these games leverage the “Forged in the Dark” framework which powers “Blades in the Dark.”
Playstorming a Burning Wheel Fight using Twilight in the Duchy Verdorben stat blocks Minor update to remove strikethrough in table captions. These didn’t look nice in the aria-labels.
About On , I tweaked my blog. In part as an experiment. First I removed usage of a custom font. Instead I’m using three long-standing fonts: Times, Courier, and Arial; I wanted to use Helvetica, but encountered an odd rendering issue beyond my skills. Second, I opted to inline the CSS files; Instead of referencing them as a link. Inlining the CSS added 14KB to each page. Both of these changes reduced the number of HTTP requests in turn speeds up performance and improves stability of the page.
Farewell to Google Analytics I received an email (thank you dear reader) drawing my attention to a few services that might help disentangle me from Google: Disroot, Framasoft, and Posativ. All for future consideration.
Farewell to Google Analytics Julia Evan’s provides another useful blog post “How tracking pixels work” to understand how pervasive things get.
Books I Read (or Started to Read) in 2019 I read these books in 2019 not 2018 as the original title stated.
Books I Read (or Started to Read) in 2019 Looking through piles of books, I forgot to include “The Book of Taliesin.” I picked this up from Fanfare Books in Stratford Ontario. It is one of several books that I forgot to record reading in my journal.
Books I Read (or Started to Read) in 2019 Reading through various quotes that I wrote down, I unearthed another book that I had abandoned: “Packing My Library” by Alberto Manguel.
About Adding callout to Atom RSS feed and JSON feed
Farewell to Google Analytics At Code4Lib 2020 I learned about Matomo.
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