Take on Rules is oriented around a blog, which is why the homepage includes a list of new posts. This page that provides links into other views and aspects of Take on Rules.

I have thought long and hard about what to name this page. At first I called it Metadata. But that always felt a bit opaque.

Most of my writing energy goes towards blogging; Hence I’ve devoted my home page to showing that. Yet there are other things that need a landing place. That’s this page.

Views into the Site

Blog Roll
The various blogs that I follow.
An account of system, functional, and stylistic changes. Not to be confused with Updates.
Contact Me
A page helping you contact me.
External Links
A collection of the external links and pages with those links.
Definitions / Glossary
Definition and details of abbreviations used throughout the site.
For most blog posts I assign a license for the content.
Posts by Year
For a count of posts each year.
A page that lists the handful of game supplements I sell.
A list of attributed quotes on this site, and links to the corresponding blog post.
Some blog posts are part of a series. These are logical groupings of blog posts. My more popular series:
A table enumerating all of the tables on this site. On this page I link to all of the tables. I have uniquely numbered each table, and ensured you can link directly to those tables. For example: is a redirecting URL that will take you to Table 1: Initial starting positions on the Diaspora: The Precious Few, Session #2 blog post.
See the tags that I applied to each post, as well as the tag count and posts associated with each tag.
I update past posts, and call out those updates; You can see a table of the updates, when I made them, and what page.