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Welcome to Take on Rules, a website dedicated primarily to Jeremy Friesen’s blog posts. The highlights the breadth and scope of Take on Rules.

Blog Posts (Page 2)

  1. Burning Wheel's Factions Doctrines and Rituals from the Anthology

    A Quick Exercise to Further Flesh Out the Campaign

  2. Org-Mode, Git Logs, and Org-Babel for Running Reports

    Feeding the Personal Knowledge Management System

  3. Application Exception Handling in Rails

    A Quick Tour through (Some of the) Layers of Propagation

  4. Today I Learned - Carrier Wave and How to Test Uploading a New Image to a ActiveRecord::Base Model

    Managing Object State is Hard

  5. The Three Caches of Forem

    A Quick Tour of Our Favorite Performance Enhancing Pain Point

  6. Using a File as a Template in Emacs

    Minor Automation to Facilitate End of Week Reporting

  7. Remembering Corrie, Our Black and White Border Collie

    Our Black and White Border Collie

  8. Regarding Documentation: A Letter to My Earlier Selfs

    Apologies, Confessions, and Meanderings

  9. The Why and How of Yardoc

    Inching Along the Never Ending Path of Improving of Documentation.

  10. Further Into Emacs with Pcase, Backquotes, and Commas

    The Continuing Adventures of Writing to Learn