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Welcome to Take on Rules, a website dedicated primarily to Jeremy Friesen’s blog posts. The highlights the breadth and scope of Take on Rules.

Blog Posts (Page 2)

  1. The Open Gaming License and Potential Attempt at Revocation

    Bearing Witness to Alienation and Seeing a Familiar Pattern

  2. How to Grow Programmer Instincts to Help You Avoid Bad Pathways

    Or, How Does One Share Lessons Now Internalized?

  3. Reflections on the Skills That Have Helped Me Continue as a Developer

    Hint, It’s Not About Chasing New Technology

  4. The Travels of Duinhir Tailwind: Session 11

    Once More to Isengard

  5. Wrapping up Another Year for Take on Rules

    A Season of Writing

  6. The Wastelands of Discord and the Fall of Twitter

    Ever Collapsing Channels of Digital Communication

  7. Other Hands and Other Minds Fanzines

    Stumbling Upon a Fanzine Sparks Memories and Reflections

  8. Campaign-Level Questions for a Solo Campaign

    Building a Mystery

  9. Get to Know Me: Table-Top RPG Edition

    Twenty Questions and Some Answers

  10. Walkthrough of my Project Workspace Functionality

    Moving Quickly to Project Work Spaces