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Welcome to Take on Rules, a website dedicated primarily to Jeremy Friesen’s blog posts. The highlights the breadth and scope of Take on Rules.

Blog Posts (Page 3)

  1. A Post-Apocalyptic Caravan Campaign Using Worlds Without Number

    Drawing Inspiration from Reading and Listening

  2. Invoke Patron, a “World without Number” Form

    Drawing Inspiration from the Elric Saga

  3. Take on Rules Blog Writing and Publishing Playbook

    Documenting my High Level Workflow for Bringing the Bits to the Web

  4. Coloring Regular Expression via Modus Themes for Treesit Faces

    Adding a Bit More Color to My Baseline Theme

  5. The Fall of Winter

    Or an Early March Snow Storm

  6. Utilizing Ruby’s Delegate Method

    Working with the Principle of Least Knowledge

  7. Adding Consistent Color to Emacs Mode Line and iTerm Tab for Various Projects

    An Evening of Hacking to Provide Visual Clues for Varying Contexts

  8. My Lesser Sung Packages of Emacs

    Spending a Bit of Time Sharing Some Perhaps Lesser-Known Packages

  9. Adding Complex Keyboard Modifications via Karabiner as an Emacs Experiment

    Drawing Inspiration from Others

  10. Sitting Down and Reading “The Atlas of the Latter Earth”

    A Quick Summary of a “Worlds without Number” Campaign Setting