Take on Dragons

Take on Dragons is TakeOnRules.com's third foray into published supplements. It is a collection of monsters, compendium classes, custom moves, and a few pieces of equipment. And don't forget to checkout the Dragon Hunter preview.


  • Dracolich - an undead dragon with mastery over antiquity
  • Cursed Dragon of the Deep - a sailor's nightmare
  • Black, Blue, Green, Red, and White Dragon - inspired from the roots of our hobby
  • Dragon Hunter - a fool on a mission

Compendium Classes

  • Dragon Hunter - you and your kin have been wronged by a dragon and you swear that you will get your revenge
  • Dragon Thrall - you are a toady of a dragon, though the price is high, the power is hopefully worth it

Custom Moves

  • When you enter the frightful presence of a dragon…
  • When you are bathed in dragon's breath…


  • Dragon Fang Bow
  • Dragon Hide Armor
  • Dragon Lance

My take on dragons is that they should be powerful, complicated, cause for great adventures, and more than a monster to fight.

Take on Dragons is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Here is a preview of the Dragon Hunter compendium classes found in Take on Dragons.

Dragon Hunter

When you stand in a steading and have sworn an oath against a marauding dragon that has brought loss to you or your kin, you may take this move when you level up:

Hometown Hero

When you return to the steading in which you declared your sworn oath, roll+CHA. ✴ 10+ choose 2. ✴ 7-9 choose 1. ✴ 6- choose 1, but something has changed for the worse, the GM will tell you how.

  • You are greeted to a hero's welcome. No need to pay for food, dinner, or a bed for the next few. Take +1 forward for Carousing until you next leave town.
  • An exceptionally talented hireling offers his or her service.
  • You aren't begged or beseeched for aid or assistance.

If you are a hometown hero, these count as class moves for you, you can choose from them when you level up:

Questing Hero

When you arrive at a steading, roll+CHA. ✴ 10+, choose 2. ✴ 7-9, choose 1.

  • Someone offers immediate and useful information concerning a nearby dragon
  • The steading has not been dramatically impacted by a dragon

Single Minded Hero

When you challenge a dragon to combat, roll+CHA. ✴ 10+, hold 3. ✴ 7-9, hold 2. ✴ 6-, hold 1 but things are more complicated, the GM will tell you how.

So long as you are in the presence of a dragon, when you proclaim the wrong you are righting you may spend your hold, 1 for 1, to choose an option:

  • Your next successful attack against the dragon deals an additional 1d10 points of damage.
  • You may wait to draw your last breath until either the dragon is slain or escapes, whichever comes first.

Chivalrous Hero

When you promise your love to someone before setting out to slay a dragon, roll+CHA. ✴ 10+, hold 3. ✴ 7-9, hold 1. While you are on your quest speak aloud how your love’s favor inspires you in that moment and spend hold 1 for 1 to gain a +1 to defy danger.

On a miss, it’s complicated! Though your love claims to not want any drama, you better believe there’s going to be drama.

Dragon Thrall

When you have done a dragon’s bidding, either willingly or by duress, the next time you level up you may choose this move:
Groveling in the Presence of Greatness

When you supplicate yourself before your master, roll+CHA. On a hit your master hesitates to consider your plea. ✴ 10+ choose 3; ✴ 7-9 choose 1. ✴ 6- you've made your master angry.

  • You won't be hurt any more for the moment
  • You can quietly leave your master's presence
  • This transgression won't be noticed
  • A costly sacrifice will not be demanded of you

If you have groveled in the presence of greatness, these count as class moves for you, you can choose from them when you level up:

Lecture from Antiquity

Add the following option to your Groveling in the Presence of Greatness move.

  • Ask your master one question, your master knows the answer and will answer truthfully.

Wake the Dragon

Add the following option to your Groveling in the Presence of Greatness move.

  • Inform your master of a transgression, your master will make it right.

Unfettered from the Tyrant

When you break free from your master’s servitude and tutelage, roll+CHA. You immediately lose all of your Dragon Thrall moves. ✴ 10+ choose 2; On a 7-9 choose 1. ✴ 6- choose 1 and the GM will tell you how it is even worse.

  • You abscond with a useful and powerful relic from the dragon’s horde. The GM will tell you what it does.
  • Your former master fails to notice your absence for quite awhile.
  • You have been an apt pupil. Replace each lost Dragon Thrall move with an equal number of class moves from your base class.