Take on Magic Items

Take on Magic Items is TakeOnRules.com's first foray into published supplements. A collection of 24 eclectic magic items that are crafted specifically for Dungeon World; Though, I believe, as do others, that many of these items could easily be converted to most fantasy systems.

Take on Magic Items is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.


Review by Sage LaTorra, co-creator of Dungeon World on DriveThruRPG:

The biggest strength of Take on Magic Items is that most of the magic items feel, well, magical. There are few straightforward bonuses and +1s, instead there are many interesting abilities that sound like they came directly from a folktale.

Most of the items are firmly grounded in what they do, not the specific mechanics, which is an added bonus. It's also part of what makes them feel magical, not like shopping items.

Tenkar's Tavern Review of Take On Magic Items:

Take on Magic Items is a collection of magic goodies for use in a Dungeon World campaign. They are well written and nicely presented, and I remember enough from the few sessions of AW that I did play (under great GM who understood my frustration with the AW rules as written) to make sense of the mechanics with ease.

The strange thing is, as I was reading them, I was also instinctively translating them into OSR items in my head. They literally convert that easily.

RPG Musing's Review of Take On Magic Items:

The very short version is that, yes I think it’s worth a couple of bucks. There’s a wide variety of items to be had, not just weapons and armor but also rings, masks, and other utility items. All of the items have a couple of paragraphs devoted to what they look like as well as what they do. The descriptions are evocative despite the limited space and give you a really good mental picture to work with. There’s nothing that feels unbalanced or out of whack if you were to bring it into your game.


The items are: Bearded Shield, Bell of Freedom, Belt of the Brawler, Boots of the Trailblazer, Bladed Gloves, Chains of the Drowned, Chalice of Fealty, Crimson Scimitar, Gloves of the Pickpocket, Hairbrush of Fallen Locks, Jellied Eyes, Jug of Liquid Metal, Miser’s Amulet, Occum’s Razor, Phylactery of Remembrance, Porcelain Pig of Prosperity, Ring of Regeneration, Ring of Spell Turning, Rosary of Contemplation, Sanguine Mask, Spear of Spiritbinding, Tattered Dice Pouch, Traveller’s Fork, and Writ of Demeter.

Porcelain Pig of Prosperity

This poorly painted porcelain pig figurine appears to be the work of an artistically dis- inclined student.

When you place a single coin in the pigs small slotted mouth and leave it there until the next sunrise, two coins exactly like the original can be found in the pigs slotted rump. The coin in the pigs mouth is gone.

When you gently polish the pig and glee- fully mutter the phrase “Gimme, gimme! Pork, pork! Now! Now! Now!” the porcelain pig grows and permanently transforms into a succulent, aromatic, roasted hog large enough to feed 30 people. Inside the roasted hog’s intestine can always be found a new Porcelain Pig of Prosperity.

Men have went mad searching for enchanted coins to feed to their pig...but the wise realize that this can’t possibly work... can it?