RailsConf 2023

Have Toolbox, Will Share

I have created the following Google Doc for us to write up collaborative notes:

2023-04-24 "Have Toolbox, Will Share" - Rails Conf Shared Session Notes - Google Docs

And here’s the link to the #ws-have-toolbox-will-share Slack channel.


How often do we:

  • Take time to sharpen our tools?
  • Check our tool box to see what’s missing?
  • Find out about things we didn’t know we might be missing?
  • Share our bumps and sticking points?


The goals of this workshop are to:

  • List sticky or bumpy parts of using our tools: Terminal, Ruby/Rails, and our Editor(s).
  • Share strategies folks use to overcome those bumps or sticking points.
  • Meet a new conference buddy or three.


  1. Introduction
    • Myself
    • Our Years of Experience
  2. Listing the Bumpy and Sticky
    • Terminal
    • Ruby/Rails
    • Text Editor
  3. Small Group Discussion: Terminal
  4. Report Back
  5. Break
  6. Revisit the List
  7. Small Group Discussion: Ruby/Rails
  8. Report Back
  9. Revisit the List
  10. Small Group Discussion: Text Editor
  11. Report Back
  12. Wrap Up