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Burning Locusts

A Burning Wheel Gold campaign set in a waring city-states.

A list of all of the posts in the Burning Locusts series. I've ordered the posts from oldest to newest.

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    A Campaign Building and Character Burning Session

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    Disruptions at Villa di Mari

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    Laying the Foundation for Future Sessions

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    Social Engagements and Contracts

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    Further Exposition as We Learn of an Art Theft Scheme and Hiring Personal Mercenaries

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    Haggling, Hoarding, and Help

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    More Art Theft and a Socialite Party

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    Arson, Ambush, and Art Sales

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    Sometimes Talking About the Game is More Important than Playing the Game

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    Fleshing out Scintillante One Circles Test at a Time

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    A Few Dossiers, a Street Chase, and a Warning from a Concerned Friend

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    Further Attempts to Track Down an Elusive Insurrectionist

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    Asking Campaign Questions Around the Game Table

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    An Inspiring Escape and a Heated Exchange