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New Vistas in the Thel Sector

A Stars without Number campaign that I started running in .

A list of all of the posts in the New Vistas in the Thel Sector series. I've ordered the posts from oldest to newest.

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    Getting Started with a Campaign and Repurposing Past Work

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    Into the Utopic and Pastoral Past

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    Making an Arms Deal and a Contact

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    A Systems Overview from New Vistas

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    Archaic Laws and Arms Sales Gone Wrong

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    Not a Warrior Amongst Them

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    Many an Interview Leads to a Reveal

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    Back from Haitus with Subterfuge and Reconaissance

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    A Quick Meeting at a Public Tavern

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    Detectors, Escapees, and Beauracratic Moles

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    Bringing Chekov’s Gun to a Recon Party

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    A Rock and Lichen-Based Psychic Creature

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    Shots Fired, Lab Entered, and Talking with a Rock

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    Stacks of Papers, a Medical Facility, a Pre-Tech Workshop, and a Psychic Hazard

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    Fleeting Thoughts and a Gunfight in a Library

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    Skullduggery and Explosions

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    Dear Player Characters, Tell Me More

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    Charting a Course through the Intersection of Future and Past

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    Digital Forensics and Oracular Skulls

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    Prosthetics and Petty Thievery

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    A Short Session with some Information Gathering

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