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The Travels of Duinhir Tailwind

A The One Ring campaing using the Strider Mode supplement for solo campaign play.

A list of all of the posts in the The Travels of Duinhir Tailwind series. I've ordered the posts from oldest to newest.

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    Exploring the Solo Play Rules of “The One Ring”

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    The Lure of the Barrow Downs and Chance Meetings along the Causeways

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    Initial Meeting of the Kettlebars and Wondering If There Is More to Gandalf’s Request

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    Family News Delivered

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    A Return to Bree with Three of the Kettlebar Family

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    The First Fellowship Phase for Duinhir

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    Unexpected Discoveries En Route to Tharbad

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    The Joys of Solo Gaming

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    Convincing a Group of Elderly Dwarves of Duinhir’s Qualities

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    Of Gathering Herbs and Revelations

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    Prowling Around the Outskirts of Tharbad

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    Once More to Isengard