Migrate Data from Square to Shopify

Are you looking to migrate from Square to Shopify?

I can help you migrate your data. I have three modules for moving data:

  • Products: variants and images
  • Customers: names, phone numbers, addresses
  • Transactions: who bought what, when, and where

I can migrate only your products or only your customers; Or both. I’ll migrate your transactions only if I migrate both of your products and customers.

Is this something you want to do? If so, .

What to Expect

Let’s say you’re ready for me to help migrate your Square data to Shopify.

First, I’m going to ask you some questions:

  1. What’s your time frame for switching from Square to Shopify?
  2. About how many products do you have?
  3. What kind of product variants do you have?
  4. Approximately how many customers do you have?
  5. What do you want to do about your transaction history?
  6. Do you have an online Square shop?

If you need the data migrated tomorrow, I’m not going to help. Like you, I’ve got many things I’m juggling, and I need to schedule the time to help you. I also need to know if this is something I’m ready to spend my time on.

Why All the Question?

In my experience, questions help build the best shared understanding.

Each data migration comes with its unique opportunities and challenges. Even if you are meticulous and exacting in your data management, there’s always an odd wrinkle. Square treats phone number as its unique customer constraint. Shopify treats email as its unique customer constraint. These data constraints mean that during the migration, I need to review these duplicates and merge them.

In Square, you can organize products by Category. In Shopify, you can manage by Product Type and Vendor. One of the activities I’ll ask you to do is fill out a spreadsheet. I’ll provide you with the Square Category, and you’ll need to provide me with the Product Type and Vendor.

Our conversation is also a chance for you to ask me questions. For both of us to learn about each other’s schedules.

My wife owns Soapy Gnome. She’s a small business owner juggling a myriad of things. And any significant project must fit within her schedule. I assume you’re much the same.

Baby Steps

Once we’ve worked through those initial questions, I’ll get you a quote by module (see the What Does It Cost? section).

You then tell me how you’d like to proceed.

If we go forward with the migration, I’ll need programmatic access to Square and Shopify. Don’t worry; I’ll give you instructions.

I’ll do some analysis on the data. I’ll also ask you for a few products you want me to use in a test run.

When I’m ready to migrate the products, I’ll migrate one of those products. And wait for you to check and verify that product in Square.

Then I’ll do a few more because I want you to be comfortable before I migrate every product.

I’ll do the same thing with customers. You probably know who your best customer is. I’ll test a few before we proceed with everyone.

With the tests completed, we’ll create a game plan and date for switching from Square to Shopify.

The nice part about the migration is I can run it once and then rerun it. The second time skips over anything already migrated. That means you can go into Shopify and organize your products. Make updates to get your new site just right. While we’re working on the data migration, you can keep adding inventory and products to Square.

And when the time comes to switch over, you’ll have your products and customers in Shopify.

If you’re interested in migrating your transactions, we’ll begin that process after you’ve switched over. I look at transactions as historical information, so this is something to bring over after migrating your sales platform. In migrating Soapy Gnome, Jenny decided that she didn’t want to migrate her Square transactions. When she needs that information, she goes back and checks Square.

What Does It Cost?

The cost of my services depends on the volume of Products, Customers, and Transactions. It also depends on the number of locations. Thus far, I’ve only migrated single physical location shops. I know how I’d approach a multi-location migration, but I haven’t yet done that.

The cost also varies if you already have a Shopify site that you’ve been using. Merging data is far more complicated. I’ve done it, but it requires a more deliberate and cautious approach.

The price I quote will be the final cost; No hourly work, just something you can budget.

Before I run the first test migration, I’ll require half of the final cost. When I’ve completed all of the migrations, I’ll ask for the remainder.

We can also break this up into two migration projects:

  • Products and/or Customers
  • Transactions

I’ll give you a quote for those two projects. And we can do the Products and/or Customers first. Then you can see if you want or need the transactions after we’ve migrated your Products and Customers.

If you’re interested in migrating from Square to Shopify, .