Site Map

Take on Rules is oriented around blog posts, which is why the homepage lists the latest blog posts. This Site Map page provides links into other views and aspects of Take on Rules. Below is a list of those pages:

Learn more about me; or maybe you just want to read my resume.

The various blogs that I follow.

An account of system, functional, and stylistic changes. Not to be confused with Updates.

Content Disclaimers

Disclaimers regarding content creators that I have frequently written about.

Contact Me

A page to help you contact me.

A collection of quotes that I've referenced as epigraphs amongst my blog posts.

Definition and details of glossary entries referenced throughout the site.

For most blog posts I assign a license for the content; The licenses page shows the type of license and links to pages using that license.

This page shows a count of posts for each year and links to the posts for each year.

A plain English description of what I do with your information; Hint: I don't collect anything.


A page that lists the handful of game supplements I sell.

A list of attributed quotes on this site and links to the corresponding blog post.

My complete resume.

Some blog posts are part of a series. These are logical groupings of blog posts. My more popular series are the following:

If I'm not collecting analytics, how do I know they're popular? People contact me about the post, either via email or through retweets or replies. I also review search information via Google's Search Console.

The consulting services that I provide; some game related and some technology related.

The Session Reports page lists all of the session reports I've written up, the date I played, and the relevant game system.

The Syndications page lists all of the posts that I've syndicated to other sites.

A table enumerating all of the tables on this site. On this page I link to all of the tables. I have uniquely numbered each table, and ensured you can link directly to those tables. For example: is a redirecting URL that will take you to Table 1: Initial starting positions on the Diaspora: The Precious Few, Session #2 blog post.

Listing and numbering each table is my homage to Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: First Edition (1E 📖). In that book each table has an identifier and there's an index that provides the page number for each table.

When I write a blog post, I associate tags with each post; indicating that the post is about that tag. The Tags page lists all of the tags; Each listed tag has a link to list all pages with that tag.

I update past posts, and call out those updates. On the updates page, you can read a table of the updates, when I made them, and what page I updated.