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Disclaimers for People

On this page I detail the people or organization that created content that I've often referenced or used. One example is Adam Koebel. He is the author of Dungeon World, a game that I ran, contributed to, and wrote a lot about.

Each person or organization has a unique disclaimer. Not everyone who warrants a disclaimer is on this page. These disclaimers are for active content creators.

I envision this to be a living document, which is why I'm including both the date created and last reviewed date.

Adam Koebel

Disclaimer Details for Adam Koebel

In response to Adam's behavior concerning his on-screen behavior in the Far Verona stream, his non-apology, and reports of his behavior with relationships, I no longer recommend purchasing the Dungeon World rulebook. There are free Dungeon World reference documents that I recommend you use instead.

A Redditor wrote in greater detail about Adam's behavior.

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James Raggi IV

Disclaimer Details for James Raggi IV

James Raggi IV runs Lamentations of the Flame Princess. He publishes high quality material. I find his behavior often seeking shock value. I'm tired of that treadmill and approach. I have stopped purchasing any Lamentations of the Flame Princess products.

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Luke Crane

Disclaimer Details for Luke Crane

In light of Luke's behavior around The Perfect RPG Kickstarter, I no longer recommend advise consideration before purchasing any Burning Wheel products. This includes Torchbearer and the Mouse Guard RPG.

I wrote more about this in and .

Luke Crane has issued an update. I am not going to dissect the statement; that is for you to decide.

I love the Burning Wheel system and plan to purhcase future develops of that system. This is a concession that I make, as the system maps quite well to both my sensibilities as well as remains a complex system to explore and disentwine.

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Zak Smith

Disclaimer Details for Zak Smith

I recommend avoiding Zak Smith and/or Zak Sabbath. I find his behavior toxic, vitriolic, vendictive, and divisive.

On Take on Rules, I have expunged what I hope to be all references to his creations.

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