Ever since reading Dune 🔍 by Frank Herbert 🔍 I’ve loved epigraphs. In that novel, the epigraphs are quotes from fictional works written within the Dune universe. Below are quotes that I’ve gathered, and in some cases, I’ve used as epigraphs throughout Take on Rules. Where applicable, I link to the page (or pages) of Take on Rules that include those quotes as epigraphs.

And when a groups collective status feels threatened and they fear even the possibility of humiliation by another group, the result can be massacre, crusade, and genocide.
Any sufficiently advanced hobby is indistinguishable from work.
:: Using Emacs While Running Online Games
Anything that passes through memory becomes fiction.
Our reward systems spike not when we achieve what we are after but when we are in pursuit of it. It’s the pursuit that makes a life in the pursuit that makes a plot. Without a goal to follow and at least some sense we’re getting closer to it there’s only disappointment, depression, and despair. A living death.
Books are a uniquely portable magic.
, On Writing
:: “The Lost Art of Reading: Books and Resistance in a Troubled Time” by David L. Ulin
But what if we proceed in a zigzag fashion, as in this maze, or within any labyrinthine structure? We wrinkle time, you see. Divagations! If we linger in these loopholes of history, these timeless tortuous stretches, perhaps we shall never come to the end, or if we do, we will find an opening there and start again.
Everyone wants to live in safe communities but when individuals and communities look to the police to solve their problems they are in essence mobilizing the machinery of their own oppression.
, The End of Policing
:: Let's Read “The End of Policing” by Alex S Vitale - Chapter 2 (Part 2)
Failure is not punishment. Abandon that stance. Failure is a new obstacle that tightens the noose around the character’s belief.
:: Burning Warhammer: The Captain and the Witch (Session 2)
For being human holds special grief
Of privacy within the universe
That yearns and waits to be retouched
By someone who can take away
The memory of death
For Philosophy, ambiguity is a sign of crisis that has to be arrested and avoided through an appeal to some higher, ideal transcendental source of meaning or intelligibility they can be a basis for political authority. For tragedy, that crisis his life and has to be lived as such.
For the world is only a tissue of masks and veils; And when the veils are lifted, in birth or death or the other ecstasies, we look beyond them, and see faces that we already know, but cannot bear to look at for long.
:: “The Legend of Vortigern” by Simon Heywood
Harsh combats will await us. But peace will return to this torn earth and to hearts tortured by hopes and memories. One cannot always live on murders and violence. Happiness and proper affection will have their time. But that peace will not find us forgetful. And for some among us, the faces of our brothers disfigured by bullets, the great virile brotherhood of recent years will never forsake us. May our dead comrades enjoy by themselves the peace that is promised us during this panting night, for they have already won it. Our fight will be theirs.
, The Liberation of Paris
:: Today Has Been a Hard Day
He goes out at night with his big boots on
None of his friends know right from wrong
They kick a boy to death ‘cause he don’t belong
You’ve got to humanize yourself

A policeman put on his uniform
He’d like to have a gun just to keep him warm
Because violence here is a social norm
You’ve got to humanize yourself
, Rehumanize Yourself
:: Let's Read “The End of Policing” by Alex S Vitale
History is not only the midwife of the universal, it is a bloody archive of the particulars…
:: Happy 10th Birthday Take on Rules
I believe in coyotes and time as an abstract
Explain the change, the difference between
What you want and what you need, there's the key
Your adventure for today, what do you do
Between the horns of the day
, I Believe
:: Separated from the Cadence of Life

“I haven’t read [Don Quixote], Borges. I should have.”

“Yes, and yet, believe me, you will one day read it with a profound sense of recollection. That happens when you read a classic. It finds you where you have been.”

I looked at the earth and all was silence.
Bodies lay like alewives dead
And in the clay.
I’m confident that the experience of immersion in a world made of words will survive if and only if readers continue to carve out places and times to have words with one another.
:: The Why of a Blog?
I theater at its best somehow allows us to become ecstatically stretched out into another time in another space, another way of experiencing things in the world.
If it weren’t for rationalization, sublimation, denial — all the little tricks we let ourselves perform — if instead we simply saw the world as it was, with nothing to protect us, honestly and courageously, it would break our hearts.
, Flights
If you speak you die, if you do not speak you die, so speak and die.
, Review of Meursault's Investigation
:: Farewell Github Pages, Hello Nearly Free Speech
In modern knowledge work, we’ve largely lost interest in moving boldly ahead, embracing the resulting hardships as the cost of doing business better than before. We still talk about “innovation” but this term now applies almost exclusively to the products and services we offer, not the means by which we produce them. When it comes to the latter topic, business thinkers tend to focus on secondary factors, like better leadership or clearer objectives to help stimulate productivity. Little attention is dedicated to the actual mechanics of how work is assigned, executed, and reviewed.
In seed-time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy.
Drive your cart and your plough over the bones of the dead.
The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.
Prudence is a rich ugly old maid courted by Incapacity.
, Proverbs of Hell
:: “Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead” by Olga Tokarczuk
It is a precarious existence. When you serve at the pleasure of the platforms, you can be de-platformed.
:: Deplatforming
Journeys of discovery are not something you start doing, but something you gradually stop doing.
:: The Why of a Blog?
Just as a flower blooms, throws down its seed, dies, and rises from its seed to bloom again, so the universe we know diffuses itself to nullity in the infinitude of space, gathers its fragments (which because of the curvature of that space meet at last where they began) and from that seed blooms again. Each such cycle of flowering and decay marks a divine year.
:: “The Book of the New Sun” by Gene Wolfe
Keeping the secret of ourselves from ourselves can be exhausting.
Myth is a tear in the fabric of reality, and immense energies pour through these holy fissures. Our stories, our poems, are rips in this fabric as well, however slight.
:: What Do We Lose When We Sack Libraries?
Nothing is given to people, and the little they can conquer is paid for with unjust deaths. But a person’s greatness lies elsewhere. It lies in their decision to be stronger than their condition. And if their condition is unjust, they have only one way of overcoming it, which is to be just themself.
, The Night of Truth
:: Letter Sent to Samvera Community in Regards to Github
      Of seed
   To leafling
So tall
   Now fallen
      Again soil
, Day of the Tree
:: The Kvarzflett - A “Stars without Number” Sophont
Old gods are terrible to look at when
They weap, all bloated like spoiled fish.
One wonders if they ever understand
That they have caused their grief.
One of the privileges novelists enjoy is creating characters who kill off those of the historians. The reason is that historians call up mere ghosts while novelists create people in flesh and blood.
:: The Steadfastness and Mutability of Fiction
One that works themselves to tatters on minor details has no ability to handle the more vital issues.
Praise of the ancients was a way for innovators to justify their modern ways as approaches drawing on traditions their fathers had forgotten.
, On the Shoulders of Giants
Prophecy is a kind of speaking that is out of time, out of joint, producing a kind of disjunction in the flow of time, in the usual order of succession. The past happens right now in an action that shapes the future.
Readers become invisible, even to themselves. Only the story lives. It’s the fate of the writer, yes, as well, to disappear.
So, we’re now at the next phase of this game: maintaining these very complex systems is hard and not your core business, so outsource it (simplifying it would cost too many managers’ jobs, so that is not an option). The Cloud was born, first as a marketing label for an old business model (offering “virtual private servers” to the public), but more and more as a marketing label for an even older business model (the mainframe - we run it, we own it, you lease capacity).
:: Technology Doomed to Repeat Itself
Speech is a powerful lord who can defend the seemingly indefensible.
Standing there on the embankment, staring into the current, I realized that — in spite of all the risks involved — a thing in motion will always be better than a thing at rest; that change will always be a nobler thing than permanence; that that which is static will degenerate and decay, turn to ash, while that which is in motion is able to last for all eternity.
, Flights
Stop hoping for happiness tomorrow. Happiness is being engaged in the process.
The best song will never get sung
The best life never leaves your lungs
So good, you won't ever know
You'll never hear it on the radio
, The Late Greats
:: “Borges and Me: An Encounter” by Jay Parini
The horses showered the fine dry snow on the faces of those in the sledge — beside them sounded the quick ringing bells and they caught confused glimpses of swiftly moving legs and the shadows of the troyka they were passing. The whistling sound of the runners on the snow and the voices of girls shrieking, were heard from different sides. Again checking his horses, Nicholas looked around him. They were still surrounded by the magic plain bathed in moonlight and spangled in stars.
, War and Peace
:: Eager to Spill Ink
The morality of work is the morality of slaves, and the modern world has no need of slavery.
The overall effect of storytelling around the fire was to convey the big picture of the group’s existence.
:: The Why of a Blog?
The problem with freedom is that it encourages the license to do whatever one wishes, and this leads to a systemic confusion of public goods and private pleasures. In democracy, as a consequence, freedom rapidly descends into licentiousness and the gratification of private pleasures. And out of this many-colored populist chaos of desire emerged the figure of the tyrant, for whom political power and excessive private desire coincide. Tyranny flows from democracy because the tyrant is voted into office as he seems to offer everyone what they want.
Theater is the spectacle of politics looking at itself.
There are men who through the ownership of land, are able to make others pay for the privilege of being allowed to exist and to work. These landowners are idle, and I might therefore be expected to praise them. Unfortunately, their idleness is only rendered possible by the industry of others; indeed their desire for comfortable idleness is historically the source of the whole gospel of work. The last thing they have ever wished is that others should follow their example.
This is the enigma of ideology. It operates behind our backs and without our consent yet still requires our free action, our complicity with it. We know that ideology is not true, yet we still believe.
What each of us can do in our multiple roles as Tops, Middles, Bottoms, and Customers to create a system with outstanding capacity to survive and develop.
:: “Total Systems Power” by Barry Oshry
Utnapishtim’s face grew tight, then relaxed,
As when one is relieved of inner pain
By one who sees more deeply than oneself.
He looked at the younger man
Who had come into his consciousness. Youth is very
Cruel to an old face,
He said in a hushed voice.
It looks into its lines for wisdom
So touchingly
But there is nothing there to find.

Caminante no hay camino, se hace camino al andar.

Walker, there is no road, the road is made by walking.

We choose—or choose not—to be alone when we decide whome we will accept as our fellows, and whom we will reject. Thus an eremite in a mountain cave is in company, because the birds and coneys, the initiates whose words live in his “forest books,” and the winds—the messengers of the Increate—are his companions. Another man, living in the midst of millions, may be alone, because there are none but enemies and victims around him.
, The Citadel of the Autarch
We live surrounded by ideas and objects infinitely more ancient than we imagine; and yet at the same time everything is in motion.
:: Revisiting Eberron: Why I am Excited to Explore the Campaign Setting
We may no longer believe in our myths, but we have to pay a price for not believing in them.
We should not forget that the concept of history as a progressive movement toward a better future is an invention of the Fathers of the Church—as in, from creation to redemption and then to the coming of Christ triumphant.
, On the Shoulders of Giants
When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time.
:: Recontextualizing my Relationship with Burning Wheel
Who controls the past, controls the future: who controls the present, controls the past.
:: The Ruby Throne