Diaspora Character Creation – Alexandros Teleman

A few months back, I wrote about joining a new Diaspora campaign as a player. My goal was to make sure we played out a platoon combat. We did play that session, but haven’t since then. Below are my notes for my character.

Diaspora Cluster

Diaspora Cluster

Growing Up
My father, Darius Teleman, is a general in the Andorian Congressional Guard. My mother a Rylon slave. Father insisted on providing the best education. I grew up under the tutelage of numerous brilliant minds, many of whom were captured X scientists. My toys were maps and armor replicas. My childhood friends were war simulations.

Aspects: Father’s involved in everything I do; Cold and calculating

Starting Out
Alexandros graduated from the Congressional Academy with highest honors. He was given command of the Yellow Phoenix Brigade. Navigating the political labyrinth came easily and he quickly rose in ranks assuming control of the Phoenix Platoon.

Aspects: Smooth-talking Politician, Leader of the Phoenix Platoon

Moment of Crisis
The Slag Syndicate provided advanced armor prototypes used by the Phoenix Platoon to quell the Jesper uprising. While mechanically sound, the interfaces were confounding and prone to reboots. During the battle of Jaros, the Phoenix Platoon was routed and Alexandros taken hostage. General Darius Teleman leaned hard on the Slag Syndicate and secretly brokered an arms for hostage exchange.

Aspects: Tortured hostage; Once more into the breach!

Alexandros had heard of Berto, a Rylon slave; Alexandros’ mother had found that he was the vintner for the Whispering Blossoms. His wines were among the most coveted in all the worlds. A plan was hatched, and Alexandros setup an opportunity to claim Berto as his personal vintner. The events went according to plan and Berto was brought to me. The investigation into the events was eventually stonewalled by my father. And Berto now travels with me, fermenting custom spirits for me and my family.

Aspects: Skeletons in the closet; Wine snob

On Your Own
Mother’s Day is coming and I’m looking for something unique for her. A trip to Rylon was in order. Father insisted on traveling to Rylos so that I may checkup on Big Mike. He may be sympathetic to the AFF. I am here incognito, donning one of my alter egos.

Aspects: Lead a double-life; Loyal to my family

Skill Tree:

  • Rank 5: Tactics
  • Rank 4: Agility, Alertness
  • Rank 3: Resolve, Charm, Slug Throwers
  • Ranks 2: Medical, Micro G, EVA, Oratory
  • Rank 1: Intimidation, Stamina, Survival, Bureaucracy, Culture/Tech Jesper


  • Natural Swordsman: Use Agility for Close-Combat
  • Military-grade Alertness
  • Military-grade Slug Throwers

Bloodstone Party Composition

The players are busy fleshing out their characters, but the group is beginning to form.  Thus far I’m working without character names, and will instead use player names.

Matt – Dwarf Miner

Matt has already played through the entire Bloodstone adventure series about 20 years ago.  As such, he expressed a desire to play a more secondary character.  Matt has opted to play a Dwarven delver turned adventure.  He served under Aidan’s character during the early days of the war with Vaasa.

Tentatively, Matt’s character was part of a unit who was cut off from the remainder of the dwarven host, and had to do his best to survive for a few years.  Interestingly he is a Graybeard and an Adventurer. He has the power to brand another Dwarf a coward! Yet he himself is an outcast.

Aidan – DwarF High Captain

Aidan is playing a dwarven high captain who has fought the long battle against Vaasa and lost.  He has retreated to Valls after his dwarven clan was decimated in the Battle of Goliad.  Aidan’s character will likely be the toughest character in the group, decked out in Dwarven Mail.

Aidan’s character has numerous ranks in command, strategy, and logistics, as well as field dressing and surgery.  He will always have something to do.

Savannah – Dr. Quinn Faith Healer

Savannah has yet to burn a character, but she said she wants to play a Cleric.  I figure the best route for her is to create a Religious Acolyte -> Young Lady -> Doctor.  She won’t be able to handle herself in a fight, and will likely need a valiant knight to protect her.  This could be very interesting as Bloodstone, as written, pushes a romantic angle between the “paladin” of the group, and the NPC heir to the baronial throne.

Jaron – Sorcerer Headmaster

Jaron is tentatively playing the recently deposed headmaster of the School of Magic.  He will most assuredly be a powerful sorcerer, and likely will be capable of enchanting items.

It is likely that he will be making a retainer to work as a guardian; Though sorcerers are hard pressed to spend their precious resources on anything other than spells.

Joe – Deposed Court Advisor

Joe is likely going to play a deposed advisor to the court who now resorts to begging.  He will be a dangerous Duel of Wits adversary, but will almost certainly run screaming from every combat.

Joe is also tentatively thinking of creating a freebooter retainer to offer some physical protection.

Mike – ???

It looks like Mike is going to be an off-again on again player, so he’s proposing an Elven ranger so his character can come and go as needed.

Other players?

It is possible we will have another player at the table.  At this point, I don’t know who that would be.  But I’m leaving the options open.


With two players likely creating retainers, I believe we’ll have a very interesting group composition, where some of the players may opt at certain points to “don the mantle of one of the retainers.”

Character Creation Session for Family Bulldogs Adventure

On the deck with the family

On the deck making characters for Bulldogs!

This evening the kids were arguing about what game to play.  Ainsley, the youngest wanted to play Jungle Speed (with the extreme expansion).  Ellie and Jenny wanted to play Bulldogs!  Aidan, the oldest, wanted to play Dungeon World.  And Savannah wanted to play a role-playing game, but didn’t know which one.

I explained that Dungeon World is a rules easier version of Dungeons and Dragons (4E).  I then told her that Bulldogs! is kind of like Futurama and Planet Express; Your job is hazardous and your life is likely to end in the maw of a giant space hornet.

While Jenny and Ellie were at violin lessons, Aidan, Savannah, Ainsley and I played a quick game of Jungle Speed.  Once they were back, we made personal pizzas as a family.  We ate a hasty meal and quickly did the dishes to get on to the game playing.

Barely Controlled Chaos

Have you ever tried to help 5 people make characters at the same time?  How many of them were children?  Amazingly enough, things went pretty well.

First and foremost, I walked through all the races with each person, quickly describing them based on their defining aspects.  Aidan, Ainsley, and Jenny decided to play existing species.  Savannah and Ellie opted to create their own.

Thankfully, we didn’t have to define their species up front and moved on to aspects. We worked our way through each of their character aspects.  Ainsley, Aidan and Jenny chose from their species list, whereas Ellie and Savannah were making their race up as they went.

Creating aspects went amazingly well.  The kids would say what they were thinking, and I’d help edit their stream of consciousness into a solid aspect.  We ended up spending about 45 minutes on aspects.  In doing so, Savannah’s bartering cat-like Cathions and Ellie’s taloned avion hunters, the Deathwoles were fleshed out. (By this time Ainsley’s enthusiasm had waned and she was doodling.)

Kudos again to Brennan Taylor for creating a robust alien species system in which you can flesh out your unique alien species by adding FATE aspects to them and a handful of stunts.

With the aspects done, we moved to Skills, and wrapped those up in 20 minutes; I simply read through the list and they went through and chose the interesting skills.

Savannah is the pilot, Ellie the deck-hand, Aidan the systems and gunner, and Jenny the ship’s captain.  We’ll fit Ainsley in at a later point.

With the sun setting, we went back inside and wrapped up the character’s stunts; They still need their equipment, but they are dirt poor, so that won’t take long.


I love creating FATE characters, and Bulldogs! is no exception.  Aspects are such a wonderful means of mechanically describing your character.

The lack of tightly coupled relationship between species and the aspects, skills, stunts, and equipment, meant that we could keep rolling with character creation even though Savannah and Ellie didn’t have a fully defined race.  They could fill in their species aspects along with everyone else, but could hold off on stunts until later.

The rules of Bulldogs! is wonderfully well written.  There are a multitude of suggested Aspects for all the various game elements: Planets, Species, Crew, Captain, Former Associates, etc.  This plethora of examples creates an extremely rich well to draw inspiration from.

I guess it is time to think of what the crew needs to deliver next.

On the deck making characters for Bulldogs!  Blankets are an important component.

On the deck making characters for Bulldogs! Blankets are an important component.