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Amplifying the Blogosphere (v2021-06-11)
Organizing Information for Retrieval
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Iterating on a Hiring Process (Part 2)
“Total Systems Power” by Barry Oshry
Molding Emacs to Reinforce Habits I Want to Develop
Iterating on a Hiring Process (Part 1)
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Exploring Documentation Location Options
Conceptualizing a Process for Where and How to Publish the Thing
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Work Experiment the Second
Meetings as a Service
Project Initiation and Change
To the Ghosts, Haunt Elsewhere
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Farewell Github Pages, Hello Nearly Free Speech
The Why of a Blog?
Directory Structure for my Org Instance
Toggling Keyboard Mapping for Org Roam
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Adding Hydra Menu for Org Roam Lookup in Emacs
Using Emacs While Running Online Games
Reducing Duplication in my Emacs Config
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Pushing Simplicity Around
Seeking Inspiration
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Influences on my Blog's Design
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Own Your Tools
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