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  3. First Steps in Following up on Morning Coffee Talk Inspiration

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  6. Apologies, Confessions, and Meanderings

  7. Inching Along the Never Ending Path of Improving of Documentation.

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  9. Ever Improving my Personal Note Taking Process

  10. Always Be Refining Your Config

  11. Leveraging Open Source Software for RPGs

  12. Comments, Tests, and Commit Messages are All Documentation

  13. Reducing Friction on Adding Placeholders for My Future Self

  14. Understanding Our Approach and Its Impact

  15. A Season of Change

  16. It’s Macros, Functions, and Property Lists…Oh My!

  17. Leveraging Some Org Roam Version 2 Changes

  18. Steward Those Processes in Service to the Goals and Values

  19. Campaign Play, Mystery, and Group Mythology

  20. Campaigns, Bingo, and Breakinig Changes

  21. On Table of Contents, Indices, Glossaries, Citations, and Search

  22. It Ain’t Emacs if You Ain’t Hacking on Your Config Daily

  23. Never Underestimate the Lowly Spreadsheet

  24. The Conditions We Experience in Our Roles within Systems

  25. But Also, Don’t Go Out and Implement a Bunch of Things

  26. Remember, It Is a Project that Impacts People

  27. Diving a Bit Deeper Into Structure

  28. It’s Not Just about Where but Also Sharable Current State

  29. As a Knowledge Worker, I Generate a Lot of “Information Sharing Artifacts”

  30. Before You Get to Work, Make Sure to Sketch out a Process

  31. Swapping out Ivy for Selectrum

  32. Some Background, a Work Story, and a Game Plan

  33. Hint: People Want Time to Focus

  34. Flexing a More Disciplined Approach to My Calendar

  35. A Strange Work Experiment

  36. Building a Coalition to Clarify, Ideate, Design, and Implement

  37. This Blog and My Coding Image Is Not For Sale

  38. With a Decade Behind Me, Let’s See What I Learned

  39. Ever Moving Towards my Values

  40. Because Writing Helps You Learn

  41. Don’t Cede Your Voice

  42. Sharing Some Personal Documentation

  43. Dynamically Changing Keyboard Shortcuts to Match Working States

  44. A General Solution (Thusfar)

  45. Pre-Populating ‘org-roam-find-file’ to Help Topic Lookup

  46. These Are The Tools I Use for Table Top Gaming

  47. Learning from One Small Refactor

  48. Don’t Rely on a Group’s Memory, Write It Down

  49. Or the Old Adage: There’s No Such Thing As a Free Lunch

  50. Finding inspiration in “The Silk Road” and “DCC RPG Annual”

  51. Waxing philosophical about marginalia, unique and durable tables, pedantic tests, javascript, and updates.