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Deactivated my Twitter Account
Remembering Corrie, Our Black and White Border Collie
An Eighth Winter Haiku 2022 Edition
A Seventh Winter Haiku 2022 Edition
A Sixth Winter Haiku 2022 Edition
The Alt-Right in Gaming and Outlining the Pipeline
Fifth Winter Haiku 2022 Edition
Fourth Winter Haiku 2022 Edition
Third Winter Haiku 2022 Edition
Second Winter Haiku 2022 Edition
Retrospective for 2021
First Snow
Orienteering in the Time of Remote Work
Recent Readings and Serendipitous Pairings
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What We Lose as We Change Platforms
Slowing Down to Synthesize
Coming Up on the 8th Anniversary of Full-Time Soapy Gnome
Once Again, Vendors at a Festival
An Evening Poem
Whom Do You Miss the Most?
Night's Garden
“Borges and Me: An Encounter” by Jay Parini
“On Self-Knowledge” by Kahlil Gibran
The Steadfastness and Mutability of Fiction
Amplifying the Blogosphere (v2021-06-17)
Insomnia, Language, and Poison Ivy
“On Children” by Kahlil Gibran
Giving Platform
A Journey to Conjure Those Now Gone
Project Initiation and Change
Winter's Pitch
Holding Off on Chasing a COVID Vaccine
Winter's Reverie
To the Ghosts, Haunt Elsewhere
Happy 10th Birthday Take on Rules
The Light Hangs Low
Perhaps An Odd Farewell
Eager to Spill Ink
Winter's Passing
Separated from the Cadence of Life
Letter Sent to Samvera Community in Regards to Github
The Why of a Blog?
These Opening Days of 2021
A Beauty in Winter's Burden
Wrapping up the Year
To Father Jenkins, President of the University of Notre Dame
An Open Letter to My Graduating Children
“Bread and Freedom” by Albert Camus
Today Has Been a Hard Day
Documenting Decisions to Build Buy-In
Free Time During a Pandemic: Three Weeks Later
Software to Migrate Data from Square to Shopify
Switching from Inoreader to Newsboat for RSS Reader
Free Time During a Pandemic
Influences on my Blog's Design
A Morning Walk Through Gray Skies and Steady Rain
End of Summer and Campfires
Books in Progress and Recently Finished
“Ode to a Nightengale” by John Keats
My take on a terrible law
End of Year Organizing
Divorce - A Personal Experience
Family Role-Playing and Unexpected Events