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Project Dispatch Menu with Org Mode Metadata, Denote, and Transient
Adding a Function to Carry Forward an Org-Mode Agenda Item
Adding Another Function to My Workflow
Revisiting the Principles of My Text Editor
Analysis and Preliminary Work for Importing Functionality from Another Project
Denote Emacs Configuration
On Breaking Down Larger Projects
Analyzing Rails Application Code to Consider for Extraction into a Gem
Public and Private APIs versus Public and Private Methods
Ruby Memoization and Checking if Defined
Migration Plan for Org-Roam Notes to Denote
Exploring the Denote Emacs Package
Leveraging Commit Messages as Pull Request Text
A Walk Through of a Code Sleuthing Exercise
The How of Take on Rules
Org Mode Capture Templates and Time Tracking
Everyday Custom Git Commands
Differentiating Ruby’s Classes and Objects
Joining Scientist.com's SoftServ Team
Today I Learned about Difftastic
Commit Messages Do Matter
On Ruby Keyword Args, Structs, Splat, and Double Splat Operators (Oh My!)
SQL Proof of Concept for Collating Different Article Feed Selection Criteria for DEV.to
Responsible Monkey Patching of Ruby Methods
That Time When the Only Test and Development Environment Was Production
A Second Walk Through of Composing a SQL Query
Walk Through of Using Postgresql and Blazer to Generate a Cohort Report
Redefining Ruby Instance Methods at Runtime
Leveraging Instance Variables in Ruby Classes
Adding Reproducible Randomization to SQL Queries
Using Ruby to Merge Traveller and Stars without Number System Generators
Benefits of Having a Call Method for Your Ruby Object
On Sharpening Your Tools
Working on Open Source Community Software Is My Job
Diving into Dev's Relevancy Feed Builder
Org-Mode, Git Logs, and Org-Babel for Running Reports
Application Exception Handling in Rails
Today I Learned - Carrier Wave and How to Test Uploading a New Image to a ActiveRecord::Base Model
The Three Caches of Forem
Regarding Documentation: A Letter to My Earlier Selfs
The Why and How of Yardoc
Further Into Emacs with Pcase, Backquotes, and Commas
Switching from Company to Corfu for Emacs Completion
Emacs Packages to Get Stuff Done
Resolving an Unable to Resolve Link Error for Org Mode in Emacs
Forem Feed Experiment One
The Serendipity of Pairing with a New Developer
Ruby Script to Find Local Branches with Deleted Remotes
Keeping the Stakes Low while Breaking Production
Gently Embracing Different Regular Expression Approaches in Ruby
Send Anything in OS X to Emacs for Editing
Further Hacking on Emacs for Github Pull Requests
Emacs Function to Open Magit Log PR at Point
Building and Documenting a Nuanced ActiveRecord Approach
Practicing Postgresql and Postulating (Im)Provements
Whipping Up a Quick Emacs Helper Function for Hugo
Adding More Tag Rendering Functions for SHR in Emacs
Diving into the Implementation of Subject Menus for Org Roam
Ever Further Refinements of Org Roam Usage
Using Magit Built-in Functions for Workflow
Emacs Script to Review Git Status of Repositories
Amplifying the Blogosphere (v2021-06-17)
Further Molding Emacs to Reinforce Habits
Amplifying the Blogosphere (v2021-06-07)
Molding Emacs to Reinforce Habits I Want to Develop
Emacs Function to Rename Hugo Blog Post
Responding to “How to be a senior Engineer?”
Technology Doomed to Repeat Itself
Posts that Caught My Attention
To the Ghosts, Haunt Elsewhere
On Plain Old Boring HTML
Probability of Stabilizing the Dying in “Stars without Number”
Many Small Tools Make Light Work (in Emacs)
Synchronizing OSX, Terminal, and Emacs Dark/Light Appearance
Reducing Duplication in my Emacs Config
Visual Changes to Take on Rules
Why I Chose Emacs as My New Text Editor
Principles of My Text Editor
Today I Learned (May 20th 2020 Edition)
Connecting to Bridgy for backfeed and POSSE service
Documenting Decisions to Build Buy-In
Pushing Simplicity Around
The Joys of a Simple Site
Adding Webmention Features
Hugo Tips and Tricks #1
Free Time During a Pandemic: Three Weeks Later
Software to Migrate Data from Square to Shopify
Influences on my Blog's Design
Why Hugo when I'm A Rubyist
Exposing More Metadata for Take on Rules
Ruby Script to Extract Post for RPGGeek
Adding a “Stars without Number” Dataset for gm-notepad
Introducing GM Notepad: A Command Line Tool for GM-ing
The How and the Why of Indices of Game Crunch
Building Scripts for my Website
Own Your Tools
My Blogging Engine
At the Intersection of Work, Play, and Learning
It's Only a Model