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The Ruby Throne
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A Journey to Conjure Those Now Gone
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Perhaps An Odd Farewell
“The Book of the New Sun” by Gene Wolfe
Wrapping up the Year
Discussing the Open Gaming License
Toggling Keyboard Mapping for Org Roam
Revisiting Hydra Menu for Org Roam Lookup in Emacs
Adding Hydra Menu for Org Roam Lookup in Emacs
Let's Read “The End of Policing” by Alex S Vitale
“Bread and Freedom” by Albert Camus
Today Has Been a Hard Day
Desperate Role-Playing Moments
Seeking Inspiration
Switching from Inoreader to Newsboat for RSS Reader
Free Time During a Pandemic
Books I Read (or Started to Read) in 2019
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Ruby Script to Extract Post for RPGGeek
Session 2 exploring the Thel-Sector of “Stars without Number”
Session 1 of a “Stars without Number” Campaign
Adding a “Stars without Number” Dataset for gm-notepad
Introducing GM Notepad: A Command Line Tool for GM-ing
Reading Challenges
The Trees Lean In
Thank You for the Donations (and We Still Need More)
Prelude to Fables: Part 1
I'm Helping to Open Fables Bookshop in Downtown Goshen Indiana
“Faust: A Tragedy” by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Better World Books Closing Goshen Store
Tables of “Take on Rules”
“The Riddles of the Hobbit” by Adam Roberts
Reflecting on Migrating from Wordpress
Three Book RPG
Own Your Tools
Reviewing Top Content from My Old Wordpress Site
My Blogging Engine
In Response to “I'm Bowing Out” - Hack & Slash
Keeping the RSS Fires Burning
Plan for Complications - Tomb of Annihilation
Behind the Screen
Going Local
My Procedure for Facilitating Open Table Gaming
Burning Sanctuary - Session 1
Burning Sanctuary - Session 0
Out of the Abyss - Session #1
An Upcoming Campaign Map with Tech Tomfoolery
Divorce - A Personal Experience
Torchbearer with the kids
Observations of Dungeon World at Michiana Board Gamers
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Gaming Violence and Children
And the Winner Is…
So GM Burnout has Happened
Cataloging Performance Art and other Ephemera
A Bizarre Ritual of Mine
Crippled by Knowledge
At the Intersection of Work, Play, and Learning
Make a Decision Already
…And Finally, Bloodstone
Just Arrived - A Boatload of Louie
My Present Gaming Group
A New Year's Eve Tradition - The One Shot
2011 In Review
Bloodstone Observations
Stealing Cthulhu by Graham Walmsley
Family Role-Playing and Unexpected Events
Interesting, Albeit Pointless Stats for My Blog
Character Creation Session for Family Bulldogs Adventure
Hewards Handy Haversack - GenCon Edition
How to Protect Your Geeky Treasures - A Step By Step Guide
Customer Service - Evil Hat Style - It is Fabulous