Take on Establishments

Take on Establishments is TakeOnRules.com’s second foray into published supplements. It is a collection of 11 establishments and locations crafted specifically for Dungeon World; Though, I believe that many of these items could easily be converted to most fantasy systems.

Take on Establishments contains 11 establishments: Basilica of the Sun, The Butcher Bound Pig, Buzzard Hockenpock’s Furs and Trappings, Chamber of the Master, the Gated Entrance, In the Lavendar, Necropolis of the Fallen, The Ravens Rookery, The Skittering Warrens, The Tethered Titan, and the Wharf.

My take on establishments is that they should be occupied by interesting people, be a possible launch point for adventures, and be just as much a part of play as a dungeon.

Take on Establishments is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.


Tethered Titan (Tavern)

Smell: strong alcohol and fried meat

Sight: tables cluttered with dice, cards, dominoes, and tiles; Many patrons engaged in a game of chance for low stakes.

Sound: a cacophony of dice hitting the table, moans, cheers, hollers, tankards slamming

Person: Alroo Dunder, a small man, with delicate hands, long fingers, and well oiled hair owns the Tethered Titan

Instinct: To get rich by any means

  • Pilfer a share of a gamblers winnings
  • “Stack the deck” in his favor
  • Send adventurers into a trap

When you set out for a night of gambling at the Tethered Titan, Roll +CHA. On a 10+, pick 3 from the list below. On a 7-9, pick 1. On a miss, pick 1, but things tumble beyond your control (the GM will say how).

  • Come out ahead
  • No one suspects you cheated (rightly or wrongly)
  • You make a contact at the table
  • You didn’t piss off the wrong person

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