The Why of Linking to a Resource Multiple Times

Peeling Back the Curtain of Some Blogging Wizardy

In Completing Org Links, the author mentioned the following: “I try never to link to something more than once in a single post.”

And I agree!

In a single blog post, I like all of my article’s A-tags to have unique href attributes. See <a>: The Anchor element - HTML: HyperText Markup Language And I also like to use semantic Hypertext Markup Language (HTML 📖), such as the CITE-tag See <cite>: The Citation element - HTML: HyperText Markup Language or the ABBR-tag. See <abbr>: The Abbreviation element - HTML: HyperText Markup Language

In my Org-Mode writing, I frequently link to existing Denote documents. Some of those documents do not have a public Uniform Resource Locator (URL 📖) and others do. During the export from Org-Mode to Hugo, via Ox-Hugo, linked documents that have public URLs will be written up as Hugo shortcodes. And linked documents without public URLs will be rendered as plain text.

The shortcode logic See glossary.html shortcode for implementation details. ensures that each page does not have duplicate A-tags. And in the case of abbreviations, the short code ensures that the first time I render the abbreviation, it renders as: Full Term (Abbreviation) then the next time as Abbreviation; always using the correct ABBR tag and corresponding title attribute.

I also have date links Here I add “date” to the org-link-set-parameters , which export as TIME-tags. See <time>: The (Date) Time element - HTML: HyperText Markup Language And someday, I might get around to writing a function to find the nodes that reference a date’s same year, year/month, and year/month/day.

Another advantage of multiple links in my Org-Mode is that when I shuffle my notes to different files, the backlink utility of Denote and Org-Roam will pick up these new documents

All of this means that my Org-Mode document is littered with links, but on export the resulting to my blog, things become tidier.

So yes, don’t repeat links in blog posts; that’s just a lot of clutter. But for Personal Knowledge Management (PKM 📖), spamming the links helps me ensure that I’m able to find when and where I mention things.

Which is another reason I have an extensive Glossary of Terms for Take on Rules. All in service of helping me find things.