To Everything there is a Season

Its been quiet on the blog front. I’ve been neck deep in open source code contributions and working at strengthening a small corner of the open source community. In fact, my brain has been charged with those thoughts.

This has meant that I’ve stepped somewhat away from gaming. In fact the only two times I’ve managed to play role-playing games this summer was at Origins and GenCon. I did, however, wrap up one of my obligations and that should see release within the next few months.

While I may not be posting as much new content, I am still getting considerable traffic; Primarily related to Dungeon World. I think what I may need to do is take a note from KristaCon and perhaps structure my games as 3-session events.

After all that should be so much easier to get the required commitment. And maybe even look to do a story arc in a two-week window.

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