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Core Pirates of Drinax: Session 1
Using Ruby to Merge Traveller and Stars without Number System Generators
Pitches for an Upcoming RPG Campaign
On Gathering an Online Group for Gaming
"DayTrippers GameMaster Guide" by Tod Foley
Gearing up to Run Creative Options Role-Playing Engine (CORE)
What's Bringing Me Joy in Game and Play
Burning Locusts: Session 13
Burning Locusts: Session 12
Burning Locusts: Session 11
Burning Wheel's Factions Doctrines and Rituals from the Anthology
Burning Locusts: Session 10
Burning Locusts: Session 9
Trait Vote Sessions in Burning Wheel
Burning Locusts: Session 7
Note Taking with Org Roam and Transclusion
Burning Locusts: Session 6
Burning Locusts: Session 5
Burning Locusts: Session 4
Musing about Failure Consequences in Role-Playing Games
Building via the Wises of Burning Wheel
The Alt-Right in Gaming and Outlining the Pipeline
Burning Locusts: Session 3
Using PlantUML to Model RPG Relationship Maps
Burning Locusts: Session 2
Burning Locusts: Session 1
Session 2: The Mistimed Scroll an Eberron Campaign
Burning Locusts: Character Creation
Session 1: The Mistimed Scroll and Eberron Campaign
The Mistimed Scroll: Character Brainstorming
The Mistimed Scroll: An Eberron Campaign
Eberron’s Kalashtar for Burning Wheel Gold
Playtesting Eberron Shifters for Burning Wheel
Further into the Crucible of Burning Wheel
Revisiting the Dragonmarks for a Possible Burning Wheel Campaign
Working through the Fallout of a Moldbreaker Artha Award
Do I Now Favor Online over Face to Face?
Crafting an In-Game Letter with Player Commentary for a Burning Wheel Game
To Link Test or Not in Burning Wheel Gold
The Circles Subsystem of “Burning Wheel Gold”
A Wonderful Cascade of Tests in Burning Wheel
Burning Wheel and What’s the Deal with Wises
Using the Eberron Setting and “Worlds without Number” System
Interrupting the Game to Refocus
Amplifying the Blogosphere (v2021-06-29)
Amplifying the Blogosphere (v2021-06-27)
Amplifying the Blogosphere (v2021-06-20)
Burning Warhammer: The Captain and the Witch (Session 7)
The Steadfastness and Mutability of Fiction
Amplifying the Blogosphere (v2021-06-17)
Amplifying the Blogosphere (v2021-06-13)
Amplifying the Blogosphere (v2021-06-11)
Embracing Tropes while also Substituting an Ingredient
Amplifying the Blogosphere (v2021-06-10)
Amplifying the Blogosphere (v2021-06-09)
Amplifying the Blogosphere (v2021-06-07)
Revisiting the “Red Hand of Doom”
Amplifying the Blogosphere (v2021-06-06)
Hiatus: New Vistas in the Thel Sector
Burning Warhammer: The Captain and the Witch (Session 6)
Burning from Within
Burning Warhammer: The Captain and the Witch (Session 5)
Session 16: New Vistas in the Thel Sector
Burning Warhammer: The Captain and the Witch (Session 4)
Let's Read “Worlds without Number: Tales of the Latter Earth”
Let's Read “Worlds without Number”
Burning Warhammer: The Captain and the Witch (Session 3)
Session 15: New Vistas in the Thel Sector
Playing in Seneschal Facilitated by Brad Murray
Recontextualizing my Relationship with Burning Wheel
Giving Platform
Burning Warhammer: The Captain and the Witch (Session 2)
Session 14: New Vistas in the Thel Sector
On Game Balance
Preamble to Session 14: New Vistas in the Thel Sector
Posts that Caught My Attention
Session 13: New Vistas in the Thel Sector
Sending some Interstitial Love Letters to the New Vistas Crew
Session 12: New Vistas in the Thel Sector
Burning Warhammer: The Captain and the Witch (Session 1)
Burning Warhammer: The Captain and the Witch (Alternate Character Creation)
Burning Warhammer: The Captain and the Witch (Character Creation)
Strategies for Cold Opens of Impromptu Games
A Situation and Adventure Design Process
A Refinement to the Ubiquitous Initiative Procedure
Discussing the Open Gaming License
Session 11: New Vistas in the Thel Sector
Probability of Stabilizing the Dying in “Stars without Number”
Session 1: A Grain of Truth in the World of Ardu
Thinking Through Group Rolls for Stars and Worlds without Number
Session 10: New Vistas in the Thel Sector
An Initial “Worlds without Number” Situation from the Ministry of Harvest
The Geemit - A Worlds without Number Demihuman
Using the Organization Generator from “Soft Horizon” with a “Worlds without Number” Campaign
Session 9: New Vistas in the Thel Sector
The Kvarzflett - A “Stars without Number” Sophont
Tweaks in “Worlds without Number” to the “Stars without Number” Engine
Revisiting Hydra Menu for Org Roam Lookup in Emacs
Session 8: New Vistas in the Thel Sector
Adding Hydra Menu for Org Roam Lookup in Emacs
Creating a Post-Human Ethnicity for a “Worlds without Number” Campaign
Session 7: New Vistas in the Thel Sector
Let’s Read “Stars without Number” - Example Character Creation
Session 6: New Vistas in the Thel Sector
Using Emacs While Running Online Games
Session 5: New Vistas in the Thel Sector
Let's Read “Traveller: Core Rulebook - Piecing Things Together”
Let's Read “Traveller: Core Rulebook - The Sindal Sector”
Let's Read “Traveller: Core Rulebook - World and Universe Creation”
Let's Read “Traveller: Core Rulebook - Trade”
Let's Read “Traveller: Core Rulebook - Psionics”
Let's Read “Traveller: Core Rulebook - Common Spacecraft”
Let's Read “Traveller: Core Rulebook - Space Combat”
Let's Read “Traveller: Core Rulebook - Space Operations”
Let's Read “Traveller: Core Rulebook - Vehicles”
Let's Read “Traveller: Core Rulebook - A Fourth and Final Example of Character Creation”
Let's Read “Traveller: Core Rulebook - A Third Example of Character Creation”
Let's Read “Traveller: Core Rulebook - Equipment”
Let's Read “Traveller: Core Rulebook - Encounters and Dangers”
Let's Read “Traveller: Core Rulebook - Combat”
Let's Read “Traveller: Core Rulebook - Skills and Tasks”
Let's Read “Traveller: Core Rulebook - A Second Example of Character Creation”
Let's Read “Traveller: Core Rulebook - An Example of Character Creation”
Let's Read “Traveller: Core Rulebook - Character Creation”
Let's Read “Traveller: Core Rulebook”
Session 4: New Vistas in the Thel Sector
The Player Characters (and new Alien) of New Vistas
Session 3: New Vistas in the Thel Sector
Thel Sector System Overview
Session 2: New Vistas in the Thel Sector
Session 1: New Vistas in the Thel Sector
Once More, a “Stars without Number” Campaign
The Court Procedure from Lavender Hack
Upcoming Dungeons and Dragons Game
Desperate Role-Playing Moments
Highlighting Posts from my RSS Feed
Pushing Simplicity Around
Online Playtest of Lavender Hack by Phil Lewis
The Resolution System of Soft Horizon
Free Time During a Pandemic: Three Weeks Later
Seeking Inspiration
5th Edition House Rules: Ray of Wounding
Precognitive Prep - A Divination Spell for 5th Edition
5th Edition House Rules: Modified Injury and Recovery - Take 2
5th Edition House Rules: Modified Injury and Recovery
“Five Torches Deep” by Sigil Stone Publishing
It Finally Happened: A Doppelgänger Infiltrated the Party
Playstorming a Burning Wheel Fight using Twilight in the Duchy Verdorben stat blocks
Burning Dragonmarks - Design Thoughts on Dragonmarks
Burning Warforged - A New Stock and Lifepaths for Burning Wheel
Once More Into the “Tomb of Annihilation”
Playstorming a “Stars without Number” Space Combat - Take 2
Playstorming a “Stars without Number” Space Combat
A New Fighter Class Starship for “Stars without Number”
Session 2 exploring the Thel-Sector of “Stars without Number”
Session 1 of a “Stars without Number” Campaign
Preparing a Short-Term “Stars without Number” Campaign
Adding a “Stars without Number” Dataset for gm-notepad
Introducing GM Notepad: A Command Line Tool for GM-ing
Just Arrived: “Dungeon Crawl Classics: Lankhmar”
Keith Baker announces “Project Raptor”
Guess Who's Coming to Graywall
Situation Mining: It Begins in Graywall
Revisiting Eberron: Why I am Excited to Explore the Campaign Setting
Random Eberron Regional Origins
The How and the Why of Indices of Game Crunch
Index of Allowed Classes, Races, Cultures, and Backgrounds
Rite of Admixture - A Ritual for the Dark Six of Eberron
Eberron Resources
Grinding through the Tomb of Annihilation
Daniel Collin's “Book of War”
Better World Books Closing Goshen Store
Finding Cartographic Inspiration
Let's Read “Codex of the Black Sun” - Seeds of Stranger Fruit
Let's Read “Codex of the Black Sun” - Black Stars Uncounted
Let's Read “Codex of the Black Sun”
Let's Read “Stars without Number” - Game Master Resources
Let's Read “Stars without Number” - Factions
Let's Read “Stars without Number” - Xenobestiary
Let’s Read “Stars without Number” - Adventure Creation
Let’s Read “Stars without Number” - Sector Creation
Let’s Read “Stars without Number” - The History of Space
Own Your Game System
Dreams of Adventure: Classes
Helmets and Halberd Podcast
Let’s Read “Stars without Number” - Starships
Diving Further into Embarkation
Playstorming Embarkation Tweaks in Adventures in Middle-earth
Adventures in Middle-earth is in the Bundle of Holding
Three Book RPG
Using Adventures in Middle Earth procedures for Tomb of Annihilation
Ten Influential RPGs (for me)
Marching through the Sandbox
Procedures for the Liberation of Sir Uravulon Calcidius
Looking to the Horizon
Everything I Ever Wanted in an RPG
Medieval Demographics Made Easy
Following-up on Character Attachment
Premature Character Attachment Disorder
Reviewing Top Content from My Old Wordpress Site
Kibitzing Burning Beards, Or Thinking Up Consequences for Failure
Witchburner in Burning Wheel
Witchburner by Luka Rejec
King of Feathers Brings the Chomp
Keeping the RSS Fires Burning
That One Session of Dwimmermount
Discovered an Unknown to Me Sibling of the Old School Primer
My Response to an OSR Guide For The Perplexed Questionnaire
Burning Wheel Lifepaths Inspired by Warhammer Fantasy
Rethinking the Failed Climb Check
The Stage is Set for an Epic Battle in Omu
Plan for Complications - Tomb of Annihilation
Behind the Screen
Doom of the Savage Kings - Review
Polymorph, Wild Shape and the Barbarian Rage
Let's Read “Stars without Number” - Equipment and Vehicles
Do you prefer your RPG Combat as War or Sport?
Let’s Read “Stars without Number” - “Systems - Hacking, Advancement, and Hazards”
Tomb of Annihilation - a quick update
Let’s Read “Stars without Number” – Scenes, Saves, and Skill Checks
Let's Read “Stars without Number” - Combat and Healing
Let's Read “Stars without Number” - Psionics
Let's Read “Stars Without Number” - Character Creation
Let's Read “Stars without Number” - Into the Waiting Light
Let's read “Stars without Number”
Random Encounter Table for Bitterweed Barrow Region
Barrow Wife - A DCC Monster
Chip - Plague Ensorcelled Corpse - A DCC Monster
Randomizing My Way Through Tomb of Annihilation
Celebrating 17 Years of the Open Gaming License
The Known World Thusfar
Blades in the Dark by John Harper
Blades in the Dark Probabilities
Ruins of the Dwarven Delve [Session #9]
Facilitating better RPG combats
Raiding the Ziggurat of Dis Pater
A Slow Path to Dungeon Crawl Classics
Making Their Way to Steelhart
The Campaign Timeline Thusfar
The Portal Under the Stars at International Tabletop Game Day
Heeding Gygax's Admonition
Closing out the Tower of the Stargazer [Session 6]
Expanding on My Procedures for Open Table Gaming
My Procedure for Facilitating Open Table Gaming
They're Coming to the Barrow
Trauma and Forced Retirement in DCC
Guess Who’s Coming to Bitterweed Barrow?
Preparation for Session 2 of DCC Better World Gaming
Dungeon Crawl Classics - Tower of the Stargazer [Session 5]
Random Tables to Help Preparation for the Unexpected
Concluding the Doom of the Savage Kings [Session #4]
Exploring Ruins of Ramat for Game Day
Dungeon Crawl Classics - A Deal is Made [Session #3]
Dungeon Crawl Classics - Going Beyond the Funnel
Dungeon Crawl Classics Agenda and Advice
Play Through of Nebin Pendlebrook's Perilous Pantry
Running DCC at my Friendly Local Book and Game Store
Campaign, Rulings, Descriptions, and Questing
The Rise (and Fall) of Session 0
Randomness, I Forgot that I Needed You
Have Fun Storming the Castle
FLGS Quick Start
Skeleton of Referee Section for Basic Fantasy RPG
Skeleton of Basic Fantasy Role Playing Game
Some Questions and Answers with James Spahn of Barrel Rider Games
White Box Gothic by Barrel Rider Games
Burning Sanctuary - Session 1
Further Work on Beliefs for Burning Sanctuary
Working Through Beliefs for Burning Sanctuary
Dungeon Crawl Classic: Portal Under the Stars
Burning Sanctuary - Session 0
Life During a Wartime Random Table Redux
Situation Mining: To Save a Would Be King
Situation Mining: The Bargain of Burgundy
Situation Mining: Dwimmermount
Gearing up for a Dungeon Crawl Classic
Situation Mining: the Black Plague
Burning Sanctuary
What Makes a Good Role-Playing Session (for me)?
Additional Burning Wheel Procedures
The Disservice of Modern Dungeons & Dragons Initiative Systems
Playing at the Game Store
World of Steve - Session 2
Exhuming My Dungeons & Dragons
Adding More Mortar to the Three Pillars
Features of Burning Wheel That I Enjoy(ed?)
Campaign Random Encounter: Library of Ancients and Surrounding Village
Early Experience running Out of the Abyss
Out of the Abyss - Session #1
Wrath of the Autarch by Phil Lewis
Running a Fifth Edition Character Funnel
Musing about Upcoming Campaign (and System)
Fate Point Economy: All the Glories of Accounting and Fiduciary Obligations
Circle of Hands Clash System Shout Out
Tables in the DMG and their Page Number
House Rules for upcoming D&D 5E campaign
Building a Set of D&D House Rules
An Upcoming Campaign Map with Tech Tomfoolery
Back on the Gaming Treadmill (maybe)
An Incomplete Catalog of Random Tables for Future Reference
A Random Book Name Generator
End of Year Organizing
Working and Creating within Constraints
Porting Apocalypse World style moves into D&D 5E
Apocalypse World: Dark Ages Session Report
Apocalypse World: Dark Ages Playtest and Observations
Wondering About Adventure Presentation Format
Dragonknights - Session #1
Thulian Echoes by Zzarchov Kowolski
Why I am a Tabletop RPG Cheerleader
Dangerous Space Jail by Phil Vecchione
Seeking a 2015 Ennies Nomination
The Gnomes of Levnec by Zzarchov Kowolski
Scenic Dunnsmouth by Zzarchov Kowolski
Fond Memories of the Kenku
Fascination with the Flame Princess
Getting the Band Back Together
Backing Project: Dark by Will Hindmarch
Translating Old School Items to Dungeon World
Saving Throws or Defying Danger
Random Relationship Graph Builder
Torchbearer with the kids
Random Clergy Generator
Observations of Dungeon World at Michiana Board Gamers
Dungeon World at Michiana Board Gamers
A Collection of Short Session Recaps
Burning Wheel or Dungeon World
Fade into Fey – Session 2
Torchbearer: An Inaugural Run
Why the Fantasy Genre
Fade into Fey - Session 1
Evil Wizards in a Cave by Johnstone Metzger
Dashing Hero by Jacob Randolph
GenCon's Apocalypse World KristaCon Event
How to Hack Apocalypse World with the AW Hacker All-Stars hosted by Pete Figtree
A Spark in Fate Core by Jason Pitre
Take on the Lower Depths
Forgotten Years - Dungeon World Campaign Session 1
Dungeon World Campaign Playbook
Dungeon World Playbooks
Inverse World - A Dungeon World Sourcebook
Bracers of the Bound - A Dungeon World Item
A Preview of Things to Come
Dungeon World Update and Some Resources
An Ongoing Thought Experiment for an Adventure Conversion
The Role Playing Games of the Goshen Game Day
Remember the Reaction Roll
A Father and Son Night of Marvel Heroic RPG
Just Arrived - A Thousand and One Nights
Random Bonds Generator for Dungeon World
Ice Mummer - A Dungeon World Monster
Dungeon World Zine for January 2013
Moleskin Maps II by Matt Jackson
Dungeon World PDF is Available!
Take On Establishments
Gaming Violence and Children
Dungeon World is Jeopardy the RPG
Transitions in Table Top RPGs
An Odd Duck that Dungeon World
Take on Magic Items – A Dungeon World Magic Item Compendium
Thornburg by J.B. Mannon and Jeremiah Shepersky
Helping Other Gamers With Consideration for the Visually Impaired
Examining the RPG Sessions That I Ran and Think Were Awesome
World of Steve - Session 1
Dungeon World - Google Hangouts Session 3
Moleskin Maps: Volume 1 by Chubby Monster Games
Dungeon World, Google Hangouts, and Tabletop Forge
School Daze by Tracy Barnett
Coordinating a Game Day
So GM Burnout has Happened
Cthulhu Dark – GenCon 2012 Edition
Dungeon World – GenCon 2012 Edition
May Not Haved Played A Lot of Games at GenCon…
Wampus County Honorable Mention
Follow-Up to First Play - Marvel Heroic Role Playing Game
First Play - Marvel Heroic Role Playing Game
An Arrival Entirely Unexpected - Wampus County Edition
A Bizarre Ritual of Mine
Just Arrived - Monster of the Week by Michael Sands
Diaspora Character Creation – Alexandros Teleman
Nostalgically Wishing I Would've Been Part of the Old School
Who Knew the Apocalypse Would Spawn So Many Games
Just Arrived – Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space
Microscope Session – New Force Changes Society
Dungeon World Denizens of the Moathouse
Adventures in Adventure Conversion
Success and Failure in Role Playing Games
Just Arrived – Skyward Steel and Darkness Visible
World of Dungeons by John Harper
Kick In the Door…Dungeon World Kickstarter is Live
After a Few Dungeon World One-Shots
At the Intersection of Work, Play, and Learning
Preparing for Diaspora
Dungeon World Custom Moves for Ziggurat of the Sun Princess
Floundering Around the Burning Wheel
Dining with the Baron
What Should the Game Master Fight For?
Make a Decision Already
Dual Duel of Wits and Dangerous Stakes
Liberating the Village only to Stumble into the Dungeon
…And Finally, Bloodstone
Survey of Methods of Advancement
Advancing the Timeline in an RPG Campaign
GM Questionnaire
The Wheel is Burning My Mind's Eye
Border Crossing and Culinary Explorations
Interview with Robert Bohl
Misspent Youth by Robert Bohl
Just Arrived - Loviatar
A Circles Epiphany - Burning Wheel
Deluge by VSCA
What Makes a Game So Hackable?
The Now 400 Pound Gorilla Has Awoken
Rules Lite Games and the Open Game License
Keeping Aspects Interesting
Acceptable Weight of Conflict Resolution
Apocalypse World moves in the Fellowship of the Ring
Necromancers' Maze
My Present Gaming Group
Survey of Conflict Structure in RPGs
A New Year's Eve Tradition - The One Shot
RPG Bucket List Or Gaming Resolution for 2012
Carcosa by Geoffrey McKinney - PDF Edition
Bloodstone Observations
Bloodstone Session #4
Assassin Lifepaths for Burning Wheel
Stealing Cthulhu by Graham Walmsley
Part-Time Gods by Third Eye Games
Never Split the Party - Worst Duel of Wits Compromise Ever
Inn Witch They Pig Out
Contributions to the Rolemaster Standard System
The Enjoyable Chaos of Scripted Actions
Irv the Mole
Bloodstone Session #3 Recap - It's Always More Interesting When a Cuddling Instinct Comes Into Play
Burning Wheel Gold - Connecting BITs and Artha
In Which They Find Their Tub
A Wedding and a Wyrding
Playing Burning Wheel Gold With The Kids
Hacking Together a Burning Wheel Conflict Resolution on the Fly
FoRK-ed off
A Missed Opportunity for Burning Wheel - Duel of Wits
Life During a Wartime - Random Village Generator
The Butcher, the Baker, and the Candlestick Maker
Family Role-Playing and Unexpected Events
Gamemastering by Brian Jamison - A Behind the Screen Look
Bloodstone Character Beliefs, Instincts, and Traits
Bloodstone Character Questionnaire
Bloodstone Party Composition
Interesting, Albeit Pointless Stats for My Blog
Weird Fantasy - Lamentations of the Flame Princess
Cribbing Ideas from Apocalypse World and Dungeon World for Bloodstone
Contemplating Scene Economy with Seven Players
Running and Playing Bloodstone in Burning Wheel
Burning Wheel and Bloodstone
Bloodstone Campaign Introduction
Bloodstone - It Is Time
GenCon Games on Demand - Bulldogs!
Burning Wheel Gold - Initial Impressions
GenCon Games on Demand - Dungeon World
GenCon Games on Demand - Lady Blackbird
Random Notes from my Burning Wheel Campaign Journal
Translating Empire Strikes Back into Dungeon World Moves
Character Creation Session for Family Bulldogs Adventure
GenCon After Hours - Savage Worlds
GenCon Games on Demand - Hollowpoint
Ran my First Game of Dungeon World
Hollowpoint - Player vs. Game Hack - Take 1
Hollowpoint Review
Hollowpoint Session Observations
Using Hollowpoint to flesh out our Diaspora campaign
Diaspora: The Precious Few, Session #5
Customer Service - Evil Hat Style - It is Fabulous
Change of Plans - GenCon Edition
Converting Star Frontier's Vrusk into Bulldogs!
Bulldogs! Pre-Release Review
What a Difference a Year Makes
Master of Bandwidth
Good News Everyone…Bulldogs! RPG is Here!
It's Only a Model
Diaspora RPG Cluster Creation
Loading Chekhov's Gun
Role Playing Games I Want to Play at GenCon
Planning Diaspora: The Precious Few, Session #5
What is the favorite character that I have played
Breaking the Stonewall with Vincent's Admonition
Finally, Dogs in the Vineyard
Apocalyptic Casting of the Pods
Diaspora Spacecraft Rules Addendum #1
Z is for Zebullon's Guide to Frontier Space
X is for Xizors
Diaspora: The Precious Few, Session #4
V is for Versions
U is for Underdark
S is for Scales of War
R is for Red Hand of Doom
Q is for Queen of Spiders
O is for Obanar
Planning Diaspora: The Precious Few, Session #4
N is for Night Below
K is for Kickstart
Diaspora: The Precious Few, Session #3
J is for Jaiman the Land of Twilight...kind of
H is for H-series The Bloodstone Pass Saga
E is for Eberron
D is for ...
B is for Burning Empires
A is for Alpha Dawn
Diaspora: The Precious Few, Session #2
Diaspora military campaign
Planning Diaspora: The Precious Few, Session #2
T1 System Ships of the Exxon Theocracy
Pondering a Social Conflict in Diaspora
A Couple of T2 Intended to Traverse Hostile Regions
Two T1 Diaspora Spaceships
A Handful of T2 Diaspora Spaceships
Diaspora: The Precious Few, Session #1
Discussing Layers of a Role Playing Game
Cluster Creation Diaspora
Fate Points for Burning Wheel