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  1. Drawing Inspiration from Reading and Listening

  2. Drawing Inspiration from the Elric Saga

  3. A Quick Summary of a “Worlds without Number” Campaign Setting

  4. How to Rebuild a Hobby Habit after the World Changed?

  5. To Once Again Play Face to Face

  6. A Local to Me Game Convention

  7. How a Corporation is Looking to Create a Platform

  8. Yet More and Varied Reactions to OGL Antics

  9. An Ongoing Attempt to Shift the Legal Field Beneath Creators

  10. An Odd Little Section Containing Such Odd Signatures

  11. Precedence, Common Rules, and Licenses

  12. Bearing Witness to Alienation and Seeing a Familiar Pattern

  13. Once More to Isengard

  14. Ever Collapsing Channels of Digital Communication

  15. Stumbling Upon a Fanzine Sparks Memories and Reflections

  16. Building a Mystery

  17. Twenty Questions and Some Answers

  18. Prowling Around the Outskirts of Tharbad

  19. Responding and Building from Other Prompts

  20. Modeling the Guide Posts of Expectant Play

  21. Of Gathering Herbs and Revelations

  22. Convincing a Group of Elderly Dwarves of Duinhir’s Qualities

  23. The Joys of Solo Gaming

  24. Unexpected Discoveries En Route to Tharbad

  25. The First Fellowship Phase for Duinhir

  26. A Return to Bree with Three of the Kettlebar Family

  27. Family News Delivered

  28. Initial Meeting of the Kettlebars and Wondering If There Is More to Gandalf’s Request

  29. The Lure of the Barrow Downs and Chance Meetings along the Causeways

  30. Exploring the Solo Play Rules of “The One Ring”

  31. A Letter of Marque from a Court Now Primed for Intrigue

  32. Or How to Use Your Hobby to Keep your Professional Skills Sharp

  33. A Preponderance of Options

  34. Following up on a Reader Submitted Question

  35. An Impressive Book Furthering the Art of the RPG

  36. Seeking Free and Open Source Systems

  37. It’s about the Conversations

  38. An Inspiring Escape and a Heated Exchange

  39. Asking Campaign Questions Around the Game Table

  40. Further Attempts to Track Down an Elusive Insurrectionist

  41. A Quick Exercise to Further Flesh Out the Campaign

  42. A Few Dossiers, a Street Chase, and a Warning from a Concerned Friend

  43. Fleshing out Scintillante One Circles Test at a Time

  44. Sometimes Talking About the Game is More Important than Playing the Game

  45. Arson, Ambush, and Art Sales

  46. Ever Improving my Personal Note Taking Process

  47. More Art Theft and a Socialite Party

  48. Haggling, Hoarding, and Help

  49. Further Exposition as We Learn of an Art Theft Scheme and Hiring Personal Mercenaries

  50. Let Failure Open More Pathways

  51. A Mechanic for Player Pushback and Involvement

  52. Empathy and the Reflex of Victimhood

  53. Social Engagements and Contracts

  54. Leveraging Open Source Software for RPGs

  55. Laying the Foundation for Future Sessions

  56. Disruptions at Villa di Mari

  57. Crossing Paths on the Way to New Cyre

  58. A Campaign Building and Character Burning Session

  59. Humble Beginnings

  60. Laying Out Some Next Steps

  61. Establishing a Situation for Character Creation

  62. A Minimum Viable Set of Lifepaths and Trait

  63. Putting Forth Some Preliminary Designs

  64. This Is a Game that Rewards Player and Character Engagement

  65. Writing Down Just Enough of an Idea to Proceed

  66. Something Must Change, Let’s Do Some Digging

  67. Regarding Table-top Role-Playing Games, I Think I Do

  68. Letter from Viscount Nentres Rhydulf to Count Rhydulf

  69. Balancing Decision Fatigue, Time Budgets, and Fictional Pacing

  70. A Higher Order Reaction Roll

  71. The Dice Helped Tap Some Amazing Narrative Beats

  72. Or Hey Where’s My Investigation Skill?

  73. Doing Just in Time Translations

  74. Diversions Are Fine but Sometimes You Need to Stop and Clarify

  75. RSS, Procrastination, and Chipping Away at Boundaries

  76. Not Much But Figured I’d Write Something

  77. Alternatives, Balance, and Jargon

  78. Shaky Plans, Shared Meals, and Desperate Bargains

  79. We are the Light that Illuminates the Stories

  80. Campaign Play, Mystery, and Group Mythology

  81. Campaigns, Bingo, and Breakinig Changes

  82. More than Just Amplifying the Blogosphere

  83. Railroads, Scholarly Research, and Worldbuilding

  84. Old School Adventures and Maps

  85. A Mix of Old and New Gaming and Software

  86. Reflecting on Campaigns Past as Fuel for Campaigns Future

  87. The Comingling of Gratitude, Inspiration, and Sharing

  88. Joining a Grand Scheme

  89. Starting a Burning Wheel Campaign in the Warhammer Fantasy Setting

  90. Leaning on Circles and Wises to World Build

  91. A Short Session with some Information Gathering

  92. When Law-wise is the Workhorse Skill

  93. Framing Expectations of Genre and System

  94. An Old School Inspired Fantasy RPG

  95. Forgery, Failure, and Feeding Horses

  96. Prosthetics and Petty Thievery

  97. Building up a Game’s Ruleset One Turn at a Time

  98. Community Requires Governance and Accountability

  99. That Which I Give Energy Invariably Owns Me

  100. Prognostication, Scavenging, and Coveting the Written Word

  101. Digital Forensics and Oracular Skulls

  102. It Ain’t a Noun; It’s a Verb

  103. Exposition

  104. Two Dots Daring Me To Connect Them

  105. Charting a Course through the Intersection of Future and Past

  106. Dear Player Characters, Tell Me More

  107. Skullduggery and Explosions

  108. Of Mutton, Brandy, Shark Teeth, and Love Letters

  109. Burning Up a Different Character

  110. Positioning a Character for the First Session

  111. Also Applicable for Getting Any Game Going

  112. An Approach that Works for Me

  113. Increasing the Unpredictability of Combat

  114. Poor Clarity of Open Game Content Sucks; And Doubly so for the Aggressive Product Identity Declarations

  115. Fleeting Thoughts and a Gunfight in a Library

  116. Another Foray into Probability and Computations

  117. Investigating Descrepencies in Provincial Reports

  118. Avoiding the Pitfalls of Everyone Rolls

  119. Stacks of Papers, a Medical Facility, a Pre-Tech Workshop, and a Psychic Hazard

  120. Beginning a Campaign in the Latter Earth

  121. A Sentient Species of Amoeboid Storytellers

  122. Drawing Inspiration from the Collision of Varied Randomization

  123. Shots Fired, Lab Entered, and Talking with a Rock

  124. A Rock and Lichen-Based Psychic Creature

  125. Refinements to the Sine Nomine engine

  126. A General Solution (Thusfar)

  127. Bringing Chekov’s Gun to a Recon Party

  128. Pre-Populating ‘org-roam-find-file’ to Help Topic Lookup

  129. The Konuk, One of the Governing Ethnicities of the Latter Earth

  130. Detectors, Escapees, and Beauracratic Moles

  131. Rolling up a quick and random character

  132. A Quick Meeting at a Public Tavern

  133. These Are The Tools I Use for Table Top Gaming

  134. Back from Haitus with Subterfuge and Reconaissance

  135. A Few Random Tables to Launch a Campaign

  136. A Quick Overview of a Third Imperium Sub-Sector

  137. Procedures Make the World Go Round

  138. Worldbuilding Through Random Commerce Tables

  139. Even Mind Powers Abide by Conservation of Matter

  140. Quirky Ships and Isomorphic Maps

  141. For Sci-Fi RPGs, I Envision Spaceship Combat

  142. Space Ships Ain’t Cheap and There’s a Lot to Them

  143. Plains, Trains, and Automobiles

  144. Having Loads of Fun Rolling Up Characters

  145. Because Rolling Lots of Dice is Fun

  146. Gadgets, Augmentations, Weapons, and Armor

  147. In Space, Dangers are More Varied

  148. Quick and Dangerous with Some Nice Skill Additions

  149. Mechanics for Characters to Take Action

  150. More of the Traveller Character Creation Mini-Game

  151. Playing Through the Traveller Character Creation Mini-Game

  152. A (Deathless) Mini-Game to Create Your Character

  153. A New Look for an Old School Game

  154. Many an Interview Leads to a Reveal

  155. Not a Warrior Amongst Them

  156. Archaic Laws and Arms Sales Gone Wrong

  157. A Systems Overview from New Vistas

  158. Making an Arms Deal and a Contact

  159. Into the Utopic and Pastoral Past

  160. Getting Started with a Campaign and Repurposing Past Work

  161. Social Encounters Deserve Procedures

  162. Playing a Wood Elf Druid

  163. Shared Fictional State with Clear Tightening Consequences Build Desperation

  164. Noodling on 3 (of many) Posts That I Found Interesting

  165. Or the Old Adage: There’s No Such Thing As a Free Lunch

  166. Playtesting and Gaming via Google Docs and Zoom

  167. Exploring Soft Horizon’s Uniform Conflict Resolution Procedure

  168. Writing Software, Retelling Folktales, Reading Camus and Leiber

  169. Finding inspiration in “The Silk Road” and “DCC RPG Annual”

  170. I’ve been playing for 31 years and this was the first time a doppleganger infiltrated the party.